Types of workers | my village show comedy

workers querying for tea sir, will you please say them to bring tea? you came just now and asking.. do the work hey, catch it properly.. son! will you please bring tea? i’m suffering from headache.. and also feeling low by lifting this much weight i will say them to bring it is boiling.. they […]

Nathan For You – Maid Service

– [Nathan] Having a professional maid come to your home is one of life’s great luxuries. But what begins as a desire to have a tidy house, often turns into a day long dance where your home isn’t fully yours. – Ah, is okay if I go? – Oh, you wanna clean here? – Cleaning […]

Deep Space 69 – Looking for Love in Alderaan Places (Ep #2)

*beeping* [Jay:] Yup, we got a pink alert. [Hamilton:] What’s a pink alert? [Jay:] It means, somewhere in the galaxy, a princess just turned eighteen. [Hamilton:] And why would you need to know that? [Jay:] Hamilton, come on. Sexy reasons. Prepare for our new mission. High school prom party bus. [Hamilton:] Dude, what are you […]

Miracle Workers | Welcome to Heaven Inc. | TBS

Every day, billions of people pray. And here at Heaven Inc, we listen. [static] [music playing] Hello, welcome to heaven. Right this way for orientation. COMPUTER VOICE: Welcome to Heaven Incorporated, this is your Angel Resources Orientation. As employees of Heaven Inc, it is our responsibility to keep Earth running smoothly. COMPUTER VOICE: After watching […]

Types Of Co-Workers That Are The Absolute Worst: Whine About It

– They’re like, “Hey man, it looks like oh this is “a bad commute. “it’s taking me a longer time than usual I think this morning and I’m probably late.” (upbeat music) Hey everyone, my name is Matt Bellassai and this is Whine About It, a weekly video series where I get drunk at my […]

Customer Services

[oom-pah music] Hey there, kids! Come on over and try my chicky lumps. Lots of lovely lumps for ya. Ch-chicky lumps. [music turns sinister] Chicky lumps. Chicky lumps. Chicky lumps. Chicky lumps. Ch-chicky lumps. N-need chicky lumps. [woosh] [rip] [ftooom] [heart beats] [dialing phone] Hello, and welcome to the Dubious Meat Company, where our meat […]

Babysitter for Jon Gruden | Hardest Jobs in Sports

Hasan Applies For A Job At The CIA | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Hey everyone, it’s Hasan Minhaj. Now that Patriot Act is on break, I really don’t know what to do with myself. I mean, you guys know this: my entire life is just hand gestures and LED screens. So, with all my free time, I’ve actually just been scrolling through job listings on the internet – […]

Diese Woche bei der LATELY SHOW [4/12] | 2019 | Die LATELY SHOW mit Florian Strzeletz | SATIRE

Welcome to the LATELY SHOW … On Tuesday we will take a look at the so-called bogus self-employment if, for example, a company has an expensive and not to have a work safety day and not a suitable own employees, then makes a it makes little sense just to hire a new employee to be […]

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