Learning from dirty jobs | Mike Rowe

The “Dirty Jobs” crew and I were called to a little town in Colorado, called Craig. It’s only a couple dozen square miles. It’s in the Rockies. And the job in question was sheep rancher. My role on the show, for those of you who haven’t seen it — it’s pretty simple. I’m an apprentice, […]

Denver Homeless Veteran Shares on the Criminalization of Homelessness

The Most Beautiful Places in Colorado

Near the town of Marble is the Crystal Mill, The Mill is located on the Crystal River off of Forest Service road 314 the mill was built in 1892 to produce pressurized air for the nearby silver mines due to its location on the river the mill has become a favorite for photographers Carved by […]

Dirt Coffee. Employing those with Autism.

I was hoping for a job one day, and then, I heard about this company called Dirt. So, I just started working at Dirt, and it’s been going really, really good. 90% of people with autism are either unemployed or underemployed. It’s not because they can’t or they don’t have the skills or they don’t […]

Dede, self-employed, appreciates the one-stop shopping at Connect for Health Colorado

being self-employed it’s always been a worry in the back of my mind what am I gonna do about health insurance in the past when I looked for insurance it was so challenging and it was a very tedious process with connect for health Colorado it was definitely one-stop shopping it’s really easy to go […]

The Most Unique or Strangest Places in Colorado

Bishop’s castle located in the middle of San Isabel National Forest Jim Bishop built the castle by himself over a span of 60 years the castle is fun to explore and always open on weekends the dragon breaths fire about an hour east of Colorado Springs is the paint mines The Paint MInesare named after […]

10 Best Places to Visit in Colorado

10 Best Places to Visit in Colorado. Split down the middle by the vast Rocky Mountains and jam-packed with national parks and wilderness areas, Colorado is an ideal travel destination for outdoor pursuits in every season. From skiing and whitewater rafting to hiking, biking and camping, outdoor activities are a way of life in the […]

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