From incarceration to employment: new program to reduce recidivism and get convicts jobs

Long Shore Worker (Episode 20)

A modern ocean freighter can carry over 15,000 container loads of cargo. And getting them from the ship to the truck or train to you is the responsibility of today’s career: the long shore worker. You must be Glen. And you must be Brian. I am. Nice to meet you. A long shore worker does […]

Private Equity: Industry Overview and Careers in Private Equity

Searching for interesting businesses. Valuation of companies. Interviewing management and founders. Managing due diligence advisors. Deal structuring. Monitoring of the business after it has been acquired… Does it sound like an enticing career? If the answer is yes, you’ve opened the right video, because today we’ll be talking about Private Equity. The Private Equity industry […]

Industry Insight: Careers in Retail (Waitrose)

Every day is different, you can never plan too much what you want to achieve day to day, but it’s fun, it’s nice that way. The customers are different every day, you’ve got to find different products in the shop, you’ve got different queries. Probably the brand actually, I worked in finance previously and for […]

Industry Insight: Careers in Construction (Painting and Decorating)

The worksite is quite general, you’re doing your preparation and then following through with a paint system. But then you can be from pillar to post doing all sorts of weird and wonderful jobs. You do a range of different things during the day, from preparation to finishing. Originally I knew I wanted to do […]

Investment Banking: Industry Overview and Careers in Investment Banking

Is it true that Investment Bankers are the Masters of the Universe? Probably not. Is this one end of the preferred choices for talented Business and Finance graduates? It most certainly is. Investment banks are notorious for their highly competitive working environment and long working hours for junior employees. Nevertheless they continue to be seen […]

Employment and Disabled People: What Employers Need to Know

This conference will now be recorded. LJ: Hello and welcome to this webinar with Youth Employment UK and the University of Sheffield. My name is Laura Jane Rawlings the CEO of Youth Employment UK and I’m delighted to chair this webinar for you today on employment and disabled people. This webinar has been created by […]

Careers in Global Health – identify your area of interest

So you’re wanting to work in global health, but you’re not sure where to start. In this video we’re going to talk about how you can identify your focus area of interest. Hi, my name is Greg Martin. This video forms part of a series of videos on careers in global health, and we are […]

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