The Smart Car Failed In The US, Now It’s Betting On China

Created by a Swiss watch company and a German automaker, the tiny Smart car was meant to be a revolutionary new idea in urban mobility. But more than 20 years after its creation, the Smart car is struggling. Its parent, the massive German automaker Daimler, doesn’t report Smart’s finances, but analysts estimate the brand is […]

General Motors Announces Sweeping Layoffs For North American Workers | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Horrifying Conditions For Farmer Workers Exposed | msnbc

Steve Wozniak On Steve Jobs, Apple’s Early Days

And we do it with a little device called a “mouse.” We call it a mouse because it has this little wire that runs back to the computer. And we can make the Macintosh do different things just with the click of the mouse. At Apple computers annual meeting, Apple founder and chairman, Steven jobs […]

Exclusive Hidden camera investigation: Misleading sales tactics for Bell services (Marketplace)

[♪] Erica:This is yourMarketplace. Erica:We get a job on the inside to learn the Bell sell.Sales secrets revealed.They’re only paying us for commission so they’re only paying us if we make sales. Erica:A special Go Public/Marketplaceinvestigation how not to get duped at the door.[ ♪ ] [ ♪ ] Erica:We’re going undercover.We’re waiting for the […]

How To Service Your Shimano MTB Gears | Mountain Bike Maintenance

– Whilst the transmissions on most modern mountain bikes, works incredibly well in a variety of conditions, you still need to have smooth inner cables for it to work properly. Ideally, you wanna change your cables once a year, perhaps more if you ride in really wet conditions. So, here’s how you replace your cables. […]

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