Amazon workers’ strike to begin during Prime Day event

20 Best Business Ideas for Womens in INDIA

Welcome to Top 20 New Best Business Ideas for IndianWomens Agarbatti Making Business is best new business for indian womens. Aluminium door window manufacturing business is good business for womens. Biscuit making business is very profitable business for womens. Blouse Hook making business is best business in modern age. Candle making business is nice business […]

Can Big Tech Curb A Housing Crisis It Helped Cause?

In San Francisco, the number of people living in their cars or on the streets increased by 17 percent over the last two years. Officials say the lack of affordable housing is the main factor. People who are leaving California, it’s because they can’t afford it anymore. Affordable housing has become a crisis on the […]

Investment Banking: Industry Overview and Careers in Investment Banking

Is it true that Investment Bankers are the Masters of the Universe? Probably not. Is this one end of the preferred choices for talented Business and Finance graduates? It most certainly is. Investment banks are notorious for their highly competitive working environment and long working hours for junior employees. Nevertheless they continue to be seen […]

Why jobs of the future won’t feel like work | David Lee

So there’s a lot of valid concern these days that our technology is getting so smart that we’ve put ourselves on the path to a jobless future. And I think the example of a self-driving car is actually the easiest one to see. So these are going to be fantastic for all kinds of different […]

Employer 101 – What is Supported Employment?

[Music] Employer 101, What is Supported Employment ? Supported Employment is saying yes to Diversity And No to .. Misconceptions and Stereotypes Supported Employment is a free and confidential service to employers Supported Employment matches jobseekers with a disability to appropriate employment opportunities Where they can be a productive member of the team You will […]

Tax Deduction Tips for Businesses : Business Gifts in Tax Deductions

Hi, I’m Tom Choisnet, enrolled agent and this comes up all the time, people like to complain, “Why am I paying tax on my state income tax refund?” Well that’s an honest lament. But what the truth is is that you can deduct everything that’s held out of your check and (any) anything you paid […]

Enterprise Team at the University of Huddersfield

What we offer is business support right from hot desk facility with macs and PC’s and the software you need meeting rooms, a really professional environment to work out of so we can offer support in all sorts of areas marketing, communications, social enterprise, finance, intellectual property all of the basic building blocks for starting […]

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