The Smart Car Failed In The US, Now It’s Betting On China

Created by a Swiss watch company and a German automaker, the tiny Smart car was meant to be a revolutionary new idea in urban mobility. But more than 20 years after its creation, the Smart car is struggling. Its parent, the massive German automaker Daimler, doesn’t report Smart’s finances, but analysts estimate the brand is […]

City of Malaga offers ‘the benefits of a modern city, but not the headaches’ | The New Economy

The New Economy: Malaga – Spain’s sixth-largest city – has been transforming itself into an innovative smart city. Home to one of the region’s most important technology parks, the opportunities for innovation and – of course – beautiful Mediterranean climate, have attracted people from over 150 different countries to make Malaga their home. Joining me […]

Why Customer Service Matters – Restaurant Advice That Will Change Your Business

John Kemp Shares Tips on Employment

The world of work provides freedom and liberty for people with disabilities especially. And we can never forget that employers are always going to need employees, they’re always going to have to have certain skills filled in their jobs. They can’t outsource everything and they can’t off-shore everything, unless they want to do a different […]

Tax Deduction Tips for Businesses : Schedule E Tax Tips

Hi, I’m Tom Choisnet, enrolled agent. We’re going to talk now about foreign income. And I’m talking about here, income where you’ve paid tax in another country because you were paid in that country’s currency. I have a baseball liaison guy as part of my practice and he’s paid in yen, he works for Japan. […]

Watch what mature age worker Drew did to improve her employability

Hi, you must be Madeline. Hi, I’m Drew, I’ll be taking you today. Can I sit in the front here? Absolutely! OK, let’s go. Got a pretty good tidal range today, about two and a half metres. So as you can imagine, the beach will look quite different at low tide, a lot of exposed […]

Self Employed (with subtitles) Animation Cartoon

Work For Self | Self Employment Work Inspiration

McNair Media – Full Service Digital Marketing Firm

McNair Media is a full-service marketing firm which offers everything you need to promote your business or organization online; from web design, SEO, social media, digital advertising, and even video production. Contact McNair Media today to take your business to the next level!

A Guide To Being Self Employed

>>MIKE:Hi I am Mike doing business as JR. Today we’re going to talk about self-employment and I’m going to use my own experience to try to help you and let you know some things that maybe you didn’t know about. Let’s start with unemployment. If you lose your job and you are on unemployment and […]

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