Best practices for setting up Azure Service Health alerts

Hi, my name is Stephen Baron and I’m a program manager at Microsoft. Today, I’ll be going over best practices for setting up Azure Service Health alerts. This will help you to most effectively monitor service issues impacting your Azure subscriptions, services, and the regions in which you operate. I’ll take on the persona of […]

How to work with files in Azure App Service | Azure Tips and Tricks

>>Learn about the various options for working with your application files in Azure App Service in this edition of Azure Tips and Tricks. The Azure portal actually offers a few options for interacting with the file system and your deployed applications. Here inside of my app, I’m going to search for ”Console”. What you’ll notice […]

Microsoft Power BI: Democratizing self-service data prep with dataflows – BRK3051

How to execute Azure Machine Learning service pipelines in Azure Data Factory | Azure Friday

>>Hey friends. Having the ability to run Azure Machine Learning Service Pipelines from within your Data Factory Pipeline enables you to repeatedly feed your ML experiments with data from multiple sources. Gaurav is here to show how this enables batch prediction scenarios such as determining sentiment or analyzing customer behavior patterns. I’m going to learn […]

An overview of Azure Integration Services | Azure Friday

>>Azure Integration Services provides an enterprise ready, event-based, serverless compute experience that drives efficiency and consistency when connecting applications across the Cloud and on-premises. Matt Farmer’s here to show us how we’re bringing together API Management, Event Grid, Logic Apps and Service Bus in a more consistent way, today on Azure Friday. Today, on Azure […]

How to create App Services in the Azure portal | Azure Portal Series

Leon Welicki: Hello there and thank you very much for joining us today in this new Azure Portal How To video. Today, we learn about the new and improved experience for creating App Services, and for that we have Byron Tardif, who’s going to show us all about it. So, thank you very much for […]

How to connect Windows Server to Azure hybrid services using Windows Admin Center | Azure Friday

>>Hey friends. Windows Admin Center is a single pane of glass that consolidates all aspects of your local and remote server management. But, did you know that you can extend your on-premises deployments of Windows Server to the Cloud by using Azure hybrid services? Thomas is here to show me how easy it is today […]

Real life migrations to Azure and how they did it.

(upbeat music) – Welcome to Microsoft Mechanics Live (audience applause) – There you go, coming up if you’re considering migrating your app infrastructure and data or looking at ways to refactor your apps for the cloud, stay tuned, as we’re joined by Microsoft Solutions CVP Cory Sanders, to walk through the lessons learned from real […]

Get immediate alerts on Azure resource service issues

Hi there! My name is Shawn Tabrizi, and I’m a program manager here at Microsoft working on Azure Service Health Azure Service Health provides personalized alerts and guidance when Azure service issues affect you Through the Azure portal you are able to access Azure Service Health to understand the impact of issues, prepare for plan […]

How to defend against denial of service attacks with Azure DDoS Protection | Azure Friday

>>Hey friends. You know that the ability to instigate a DDoS attack is getting more and more accessible, but the technology to defend against those attacks continues to increase in sophistication. Azure DDoS Protection Standard can help protect your applications against targeted DDS attacks. Aman Bhardwaj is here to show me why I should be […]

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