How to use Storage Migration Service with Windows Admin Center

Storage Migration Service makes it easy to migrate one or more servers to newer hardware or virtual machines. Hi, I’m Jeff Woolsey and this is one in a series of videos that shows you what’s new in Windows Admin Center. Windows Admin Center allows you to streamline everyday tasks and connect to Azure for hybrid […]

Workload management scenarios | Azure SQL Data Warehouse

(light upbeat music) Hello and welcome, my name is Sanjay Soni. Here is a microlearning readiness video about Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Thank you for taking the time to join us. Now let’s get started. Hi Ron, how you doing today? Doing well Sanjay, good to be here. Great to have you back here. So […]

Achieve accountability through budgets in Azure Cost Management

Welcome to this overview of budgets in Azure Cost Management and how to leverage them to attain better control and accountability of your cloud costs. Budgets can be used to plan and enforce accountability across teams and to manage cloud costs in governance across all levels of the company. My name is Katelyn McCarty, setting […]

Computing options for every workload on Microsoft Azure

Your organization is unique. You need a trusted cloud that supports your business priorities, your requirements and your applications. Including the applications you create. Running on Windows or your favorite Linux distribution and developed using the stacks and tools you love. Walmart, GE, Adobe, Toyota, Daimler, and thousands of others run their applications in Azure […]

Workload management concepts | Azure SQL Data Warehouse

(upbeat music) Hello and welcome! My name is Sanjay Soni. Here is a micro-learning readiness video about Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Thank you for taking the time to join us. Now let’s get started. Hi Ron. How you doing today? Doing fantastic, Sanjay. Great to see you again. Great to see you as well. So, […]

Azure Migrate tutorial: Migrating VMware apps & virtual machines to Azure

– And welcome to Microsoft Mechanics. Coming up, if you are considering the benefits of moving your on-premises VMware or Hyper-V workloads to the Cloud, we’ll take a look at how Azure Migrate helps you discover and assess your Windows and Linux VMs all without agents, then Migrate your workloads at scale and optimize them […]

Best practices for setting up Azure Service Health alerts

Hi, my name is Stephen Baron and I’m a program manager at Microsoft. Today, I’ll be going over best practices for setting up Azure Service Health alerts. This will help you to most effectively monitor service issues impacting your Azure subscriptions, services, and the regions in which you operate. I’ll take on the persona of […]

How to work with files in Azure App Service | Azure Tips and Tricks

>>Learn about the various options for working with your application files in Azure App Service in this edition of Azure Tips and Tricks. The Azure portal actually offers a few options for interacting with the file system and your deployed applications. Here inside of my app, I’m going to search for ”Console”. What you’ll notice […]

Microsoft Power BI: Democratizing self-service data prep with dataflows – BRK3051

How to execute Azure Machine Learning service pipelines in Azure Data Factory | Azure Friday

>>Hey friends. Having the ability to run Azure Machine Learning Service Pipelines from within your Data Factory Pipeline enables you to repeatedly feed your ML experiments with data from multiple sources. Gaurav is here to show how this enables batch prediction scenarios such as determining sentiment or analyzing customer behavior patterns. I’m going to learn […]

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