Types of workers | my village show comedy

workers querying for tea sir, will you please say them to bring tea? you came just now and asking.. do the work hey, catch it properly.. son! will you please bring tea? i’m suffering from headache.. and also feeling low by lifting this much weight i will say them to bring it is boiling.. they […]

AI Impact on Jobs & the Skills of the Future

Hi everyone, and welcome back. So we’ve been hearing more and more talk about A.I. and how A.I. and automation will impact jobs in the future. From Trevor Noah to the Financial Times everyone is talking about it, so we wanted to add our opinion into the mix. So how is A.I. for business going […]

A Guide To Being Self Employed

>>MIKE:Hi I am Mike doing business as JR. Today we’re going to talk about self-employment and I’m going to use my own experience to try to help you and let you know some things that maybe you didn’t know about. Let’s start with unemployment. If you lose your job and you are on unemployment and […]

Construction workers are doing very beautiful reliefs part 1 | House construction

Construction workers are doing very beautiful reliefs part 1 | House construction

Uber & Deliveroo and bogus self-employment: what about worker’s rights?

We are at the European Parliament to speak about the problems we are experiencing. We are riders of platforms such as Uber, Deliveroo and Glovo. This model has consequences. It is based on ‘bogus self-employment’ so that the companies don’t pay what we deserve and without guaranteeing basic labour rights. We are here to talk […]

Top 10 in-demand jobs in Dubai in 2019.

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel You are watching Oksy Vlogs And today we’re gonna talk about Top 10 in-demand jobs and their salaries in 2019 Today many companies are focusing on automation and digitalization of their businesses. Therefore, as per Robert Half report, analysts, finance managers and developers are the top in-demand jobs […]

Unsafe and undignified – the plight of sanitation workers

Sanitation workers: The men and women who empty pits and septic tanks, clean toilets, sewers and manholes, and operate pumping stations and treatment plants provide a fundamental public service. Yet they often face extreme health hazards and safety risks on the job. In many developing countries, they are informal workers with no legal protections or […]

Political Officer Moore Discusses His Path to the Foreign Service

NAVARRO, FOREIGN SERVICE OFFICER, POLITICAL CAREER TRACK: My name is Navarro. I am assigned to our U.S. Embassy in San Salvador, El Salvador, and I am in the political career track. I was born in Atlanta but I grew up in southern Georgia, in Valdosta, a rather small city, about 15 minutes away from the […]

Private Equity: Industry Overview and Careers in Private Equity

Searching for interesting businesses. Valuation of companies. Interviewing management and founders. Managing due diligence advisors. Deal structuring. Monitoring of the business after it has been acquired… Does it sound like an enticing career? If the answer is yes, you’ve opened the right video, because today we’ll be talking about Private Equity. The Private Equity industry […]

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In 2020 | Highest Paying IT Jobs 2020 | Edureka

IT jobs form a leading employment sector with generous returns to its employees. Now, This sector is booming with the revenue generator observed to have grown 8% in the year 2019 alone reaching a massive hundred and sixty seven billion dollars, hence. We have put together a list of the top 10 highest paying it […]

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