Check that volunteers are not taking away local jobs or creating dependency. Some organizations take on foreign volunteers when a local person could be paid to do the same job. If your specific skill is hard to come by locally, make sure that part of your role is to train local staff, so they can […]

Alpha Phi Recruitment Video – Director’s Commentary

Hello, I am Griffin Meyer. And I am Mitch Malecki. And we are the 2 top film students in the Alabama film program. Both: Role tide! This is the official Alabama Alpha Phi recruitment video of 2015. And we are the damn boogers that shot it. We’ve been getting a lot of flack, people saying […]

Prince George’s Christening: Royal Family gather for service

Your Majesty. How are you?

Part time Jobs in Canada for Students

Whats up everyone my name is Parul Khanna and you are watching Parul TV In todays vlog, we are going to talk about Student Jobs in Canada Todays Vlog is mainly about part-time jobs in canada for students My next vlog will be for professional jobs in canada, after you are done with your diploma […]

【SUB】【虞书欣 刘奕畅 骆明劼】E04: I‘ve Fallen for You 少主且慢行第四集| iQIYI

[English subtitles are available.] I’ve Fallen for You Episode 4 Now they must be looking for me all over the city. I’d better be careful. Young Lord’s team for escorting bride ran across mountain thieves. Young Lady fought bravely and escaped from the clutches. But she is missing. Now the Lord is offering a gold […]

Most Dangerous Jobs – Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

10. Snake Milkers Snake milking is a very necessary, often forgotten-about, yet very dangerous occupation. With the demand for antivenin being higher than ever due to large numbers of venomous snakes growing yearly, it is no wonder that the risks of the job such as transporting, trapping, and handling dangerously venomous snakes puts the death […]

Don’t Talk Unemployment in India #UnplugWithSadhguru

Questioner: So, my question is: we students sitting over here are among the top percentile in the country in terms of education that we are receiving. Yet all of us are wondering about what jobs we will get, we just want the best campus placements over here. If that’s the scenario with all of us […]

“Hyderabad” Must visit places | Top Places to visit in Hyderabad

History is a story of the past and the city of Nizams is rich in it! Hyderabad has a lot of monuments that withstood the test of time Join me, as we visit these monuments! In the center of the city stands an iconic structure which comes to everyone’s mind as soon as they hear […]

Top 10 IT Jobs Every Company will be Hiring for in 2020 | Most In-Demand IT Jobs in 2020 | Edureka

As we have 2020 ahead of us many companies are looking to fill Tech positions from artificial intelligence and automation to cryptocurrency and virtual reality. The demand for jobs in the field of engineering product and marketing are on the rise to support the Innovation going on. Globally. One thing is for sure emerging Technologies […]

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