Most Dangerous Military / Army Jobs

For countries like the US, serving in the military can be a great way to earn some really good benefits. You can have access to free health care- worth the risk alone if you live in the US and its insane health care costs- as well as earn tens of thousands of dollars for your […]

A Former NFL Player Made This Gym To Get DISABLED VETERANS Back to Training!

– I just hear, “Hey, hey!” And I’m thinking, “Oh my God, “you’re gonna get robbed, Brian.” “You’re gonna get robbed.” And I look over and see this giant spartan dude running over at me. – [Voiceover] Brian looked rough. I just felt like I needed to stop. And so I slammed on my brakes […]

Naturalization Ceremony for U.S. Service Members

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States accompanied by Secretary Janet Napolitano and Director Alejandro Mayorkas. Ladies and gentlemen, to sing the National Anthem, please welcome Sergeant First Class, Colin Eaton. ♪♪ (National Anthem) ♪♪ Director Alejandro Mayorkas: Please be seated. It is now my distinct honor to present 24 members of […]

Job Search for Veterans | Google Super Bowl Commercial 2019

[piano music] Voiceover: To most of you, these codes don’t mean anything. You’ve probably never seen them or even heard of them. But 7% of you have. The 7% that spend weeks and months away from friends and family, miss holidays and birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. The 7% that sleep in the cold, sleep in […]

Military Transition to Civilian Employment: Expectations vs Reality

While serving in the military, I ummmmm… I don’t have my coffee be right back That’s better While serving in the military, I would often think to myself. I can’t wait to be a civilian and work with adults Not saying the military acts like children, but if you’ve ever been in any leadership positions, […]

Ask An Airman – What is your job in the Air Force?

My job is a C-17 pilot. I am currently qualified as a co-pilot. Captain Susan Finch, and I’m a pilot in the Air Force. There’s over 200 career fields in the Air Force, and most of them don’t involve flying planes — coming up! So I’m a C-17 loadmaster. I am a registered nurse. I […]

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