Refugees fill gaps in the US job market

100 thoughts on “Refugees fill gaps in the US job market

  • I like that Americans uses drugs from Mexican cartels and ends up creating jobs for immigrants so they are basically creating the problem.

  • Wow! The condescension is transparent.

    Americans are just a bunch of drug addicts?! How about you take marijuana off those tests.

  • Trump is going to save your job but cut the help you depend on to get clean from your addiction. All the while his winery's in Virginia are filling out the paperwork to bring in immigrant workers to fill jobs in America. Makes sense.

  • 🇺🇸AMERICANS 🇺🇸This is a REAL serious problem. Get off the drugs! 💊Complete your rehabilitation programs. Having a "entitlement" mentality is misleading you! AMERICANS!!! We should not take our way of life for granted just because we are "born" here!!! WAKE UP‼️…….but it's now 8am so it's my bedtime 💤⚰️VvvV

  • Will this group, or companies who hire, also help these folks apply for citizenship? Are they here on work visas?What's the back story. I understand the stats. No problem with that… I agree employers should not hire employees who can't pass a drug test.

  • HaHa–Dumb Super Suppressed democrat voters don't realize that these jobs should be going to unemployed Americans. LOLOL…Dems got you guys so Fucked over.

  • Here's my question/opinion/understanding of the jobs and drugs problem we are facing as a country.

    If so many Americans are unemployed but there are jobs available in places like agriculture, cleaning crew, and construction jobs why don't they take them? Yes, the jobs aren't the best in the pay/require physical labor for many hours, but it is a job that you didn't previously had. I currently work at a bar as a kitchen porter (dishwasher and guy who mops), and while it isn't a great paying job, I keep it since am making enough to support myself. And if you refuse to take these kind of jobs, what gives you the right to blame some1 else for taking that job you didn't want? This jobs problem is like you go to a store and you don't want to by a shirt, but once some1 else buys the last 1 you are mad at them now when you could have gotten it earlier.

    As for the drugs issue, I do believe that there are better solutions to help individuals addicted to drugs than we are currently doing. I don't smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol (despite working at a bar), or smoke marijuana, but I know plenty of people who do, and while it does affect some workers, we as a nation shouldn't be punishing all workers for doing these things. Yes, employees shouldn't be high or drunk on the job since it affects their ability to work, but instead of punishing those who are addicted, we should be providing more rehab centers and better help to employees get rid of their addictions rather than punishing them resulting in further job losses. And while I do think we should legalize marijuana as a nation, I also feel employees (much like ex-convicts) shouldn't repeatedly be punished by businesses for a mistake made in the past since that just results in further drug usage (or even more jail time for deaths) to compensate their troubles.

    Furthermore, America used to be a country with millions of manufacturing jobs, but throughout the Clinton and Bush Presidencies most were shipped overseas or were replaced by robots to save corporations money. President Obama tried to bring many of these jobs back, but he couldn't bring back every single manufacturing job because foreign goods are cheaper to make than American goods, and those who did get their job back got paid less due needing fewer workers now. As for coal mining, it is a low-skill energy job that Obama did reduce, but he did so because it's not the safest line of work, coal isn't the best source of energy anymore, and solar and wind industries would have provided jobs but climate change deniers didn't want to give these industries a chance, thus preventing new low-skill labor jobs from replacing the coal mining jobs. So blaming immigrant workers in these instances isn't the right target, the real enemy is the corporate heads who cut out the American labor to save millions at the expense of millions of middle-class workers.

    Finally, to all the people that claim that immigrants shouldn't be allowed to have jobs in the U.S. since they take jobs from Americans, by law most businesses aren't supposed to hire people who came here illegally and instead report them to authorities. Yet businesses do so anyway to save money, but legal immigrants and refugees who are here trying to become citizens need to work to earn citizenship so reporting them is not right. Also, despite what most people think, working immigrants do indeed pay taxes and provide funds for social security and Medicare/Medicaid, but illegal immigrants and refugees don't receive these benefits unless they earn citizenship (which takes at least 5 years). If we got rid of every immigrant and refugee who is working right now we would loose millions of dollars going into programs that benefit the poor who are currently unemployed.

  • Bullshit report

    Anyone can hold a touch on pot
    Ever use a water rig? Lol
    There are certain jobs where you cannot be high this is not one of them
    you fire somebody for bad work now for failing a drug test
    Just wanna make trumps job plan look again

  • CNN hard at work pumping out refugee propaganda… almost like…. like…. like they have an agenda and not just trying to report the NEWS

  • When a man is judged by his life style and not by his actions ; Before judging ask is your life so pure as to allow you're judging? What this actually proves is the work force can produce with drug users until they are tested.

  • If you don't want drugs, tobacco, alcohol why are you not over in sand land fighting for the ISLAMIC Way USA DON'T NEED IT – BUILT BY DRUG SMOKIN – WHISKY DRINKIN – MAINLINEING MEN WHO BUST ASS EVERY DAY TO KEEP YOUR LIFE STYLE

  • Hire all the refugees you want, just continue to pay me my unemployment benefits, food stamps and section 8. lmfao

  • see its working, right? just a matter of time. uh, wonder though what happens to the next generation?

  • My fuck. You based your story on a mom and pop store can can barely give 19 an hour. What the hell is your point cnn?

  • And these fucking drug addicts think their competition is Indians, who do professional high skill jobs.

  • its only a matter a time before Pot is reclassified & jobs will be forced to take it off the list. We Already have a few states that made it legal, Other states will follow. Love it or hate it, it will happen.

  • I agree with the company's decision people need to get off drugs. Honestly I think they hired the refugees because they can pay them low wages.

  • They don't want to admit there's a problem when it comes to drugs in their communities. I wonder why…..? Could it be that a majority of those workers failing drug tests aren't minorities?

  • Might as well let refugees do the news for CNN too. Maybe we could get some straight forward news without all the bias.

  • Love doesn't live here. Rather than help these people who suffer with drug addiction, they kick them to the curb and replace them.

  • they need to fill the job with american first. the pharmaceutical aka the elite wants us on pills so they can move who they want in and get raid of the rest.

  • The good thing in America is, even if you are on every drug possible, you still get an automatic gun. So great!

  • and I bet most of the drug test fails are for pot. only a small portion is heavy drugs. if trump had his way with the GOP health care bill it would cut opioid dependence places and going after LEGAL recreational pot use "which is something he said he wouldn't do. More Americans wouldn't lose their jobs to refugees filling out that gap. it's a funny catch 22. either help America keep jobs or let small business owners have no workforce because of his policies

  • Free market, dudes. If a workforce isn't competitive, a company will simply find one that is. Companies can't fix an area's drug problems and can't be expected wait for them to be fixed. And the drug problems in communities like these have been around for a while. State governments dropped the ball on rehabilitation programs.

  • Why on earth would you test these people anyway? If they wanna use something, let them, as long as they work okay…

  • So what I hear you saying is: Business drug test their employees so they can hire refugees who are willing to get paid less money so management and the business owner can make more money. After all firing American employees for real measurable performance reasons is hard, painful, expensive, tricky, and risky. I get it.

  • I don't believe they don't hire Americans because of drugs! That's just an excuse. They simply want refugees because they can pay them close to nothing.

  • So keep voting for people that make it harder to treat opiate addictions, who want to demonize cannabis, make your antidepressants, therapies, and pain meds in-affordable, but blame it on the brown people who do your dirty work.

  • CNN executives forced research staff and unpaid interns to work day and night for weeks to locate a Syrian refugee who would make a suitable subject for the propaganda piece they had written long before.

  • **************************************BULLSHIT ALERT – DEFCON 4 ALERT********************************************

  • Refugees are also filling all the empty churches and helping the old ladies, abandoned by Americans, cross the street. The other day I saw a refugee get a cat out of tree.


  • Don't help people with drug problems by firing and replacing them. Good job CNN.

    So when these refugees are also peddled by drugs and also become addicts what then? the drug problem will not go away if you don't solve the drug problem.

  • Propaganda, fuckers..there's no bias in here at all, LOL.. fucking CNN, we all know what you are doing.

  • I am totally pissed off this sort of Fake News. Accepting refugees will destroy American's life from many aspects of life. Why don't you replace the half of CNN workers by the refugees?

  • Refugees should be brought in to work in the rust-belt because Americans are all drugged up now? shakes head
    You know what Americans are in the rust belt? UNEMPLOYED or extremely UNDER-EMPLOYED!!!
    I know, I lived in the rust belt for 25 years. I have family and friends there still.

    There is no GAPs. For every 1 that's a drug addict, there is 20,30, hell 500 trying to figure out how they'll pay the rent and feed their kids a month from now. Citizens 1st. Hire Americans. WTH is wrong with you?
    Why toss Americans under a bus when we need a break more then ever.
    You should be ashamed of yourselves CNN. I've never been so disgusted with this network till I saw this story.

  • USA needs to help it's own people before replacing them. it's nice to help the refugees but where do the Americans stay when they have a drug problem? I mean the drug problem is thanks to the Government.

  • To whoever craft this piece of propaganda garbage: Do you even have shame? I’ve never seen such blatant propaganda like this. Even the communist propaganda CCTV knows subtlety.

    Sure, with over 300 million people in America, you can’t find a single qualified people who
    is not a drug addict. Even if all Americans are unemployable junkies like you said, there are still plenty of skilled foreign workers who came to this country legally and holding a work visa. No? Refugees are your only hope. You must rely on refugees, they are the only choice.

    Do you guys even know there are legal immigrants that are not refugees? Do you know there are people who came to America legally and wait in line for their turns? Do you know they went to school in the US, they have the degrees and skills and they can work? I don’t think so because every time you mentioned immigrants, you only meant either illegals and “refugees”.  This is why everybody hates you. This is why us legal immigrants support trump.  I would like to see you try to smear us legal immigrants as “white racist”.

  • Yeah, screw American job seekers. We CNN are the friends of immigrants. Oh, screw those legal immigrants who spent years on getting a degree or working visa. We save all the jobs for Refugees.
    Screw those who need a job to legally stay in America. You are better off become an illegal or refugee then CNN will care for you. This is why us legal immigrants support trump.  I would like to see you try to smear us legal immigrants as “white racist”.

  • HAhahaa, America is Finished.. It's No longer a White country..The White Robbers got Hijacked. this shit is wayy too funny.

  • Cnn is an advocate of making americans homeless and giving non americans jobs. This propaganda just backfired in your face, yet again cnn.

    Ironically, most of the heroin is coming from the same countries as these immigrants…. Hmm. Besides the point though as most americans are simply failing drug tests for marijuana. Marijuana is MUCH safer than islam.

  • Just stop hiring Americans. So many complaints about how Americans are drug addicts, lazy. Corporations seem to not care but spend money on getting foreign workers and make it's own workers look bad. Pathetic .
    Just come out, and say we don't hire Americans it will be better get the cheapest labor you want.
    So all these foreign workers, and illegals they hire are spotless?

  • This stuff is because they pay so low that they only get the dregs of society. These 12hr jobs you can't even survive on. Refugees are willing to have 5 ppl share a room and are okay with that lifestyle. The employers need to raise wages to get better people.

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