Largest cities in the USA summarized (PART 2) Geography Now!

Largest cities in the USA summarized (PART 2) Geography Now!

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  • PART 2 of the Largest cities in the USA! (Per state) is UP! Let me know if I was in the ball park if you are from any of these cities fellow American Geograpeeps. Otherwise we are now working on the next episodes, including…. Eswatini!!!

  • Cheyenne and Jackson Hole are a lot of fun and unique, and close to Yellowstone, swimming in the thermally heated rivers, def. worth a visit!

  • My aunt and my uncle and my two cousins lived in Fargo and I been to Fargo many times since I was a younster and first moved to North Dakota

  • I see your "friend from WI" and raise you "Dad from WI", even after not living there for 54 years the accent will NEVER disappear. How I sound like a New Englander and he doesn't, I don't know.

  • Wait do people outside of Hampton Roads not pronounce Norfolk naw-fuk? If you hear me saying my city I promise you I'm probably not cussing.

  • Honestly, VA Beach may as well be apart of norfolk, and throw in Chesapeake, Hampton and Newport News and you have basically the equivalent of the borough's of new York in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area. They are so closely tied together economically and culturally as to almost be indistinguishable.

  • You forgot to mention that Shaquille O'neal is also from Newark, NJ! You can't forget Shaq bro come on!

  • Providence, RI: fly here if you want to save money on your flight ticket to Boston. Thanks Norwegian. 😀

  • I have multiple qualms with your description of Charleston, WV. You did a fine job of talking about West Virginia (especially southern West Virginia), but a lot of that doesn't really apply to Charleston. Charleston wasn't founded on coal. The city itself has actually been a lot more reliant on the chemical industry. Charleston IS in fact, in a valley, not in the mountains. That valley is so dubiously nicknamed, "chemical valley". "Hill" culture as you've described it, isn't really present in the city, as that's a much bigger thing in the southern part of the state. I would describe Charleston as the dividing line between the north and the south. Just about everything south of Charleston has more of that confederate, hill culture that you've talked about, but anything north of Charleston is really a lot more like Ohio or Western PA…very Rust Belt. Charleston is the urban center where the two cultures are separated. I get that there isn't really anything in that that sets Charleston aside from any other small city, but that's what it is, and I feel like your description was fairly disingenuous.

  • I think I’ll never understand why in the US the largest cities often times are not capitals of the states they’re located in.

  • Its funny Nashville actually recently overtook Memphis as the largest city in Tennessee. Something about country music I dont really know?

  • No mention of the global Bank of America headquarters being in Charlotte. Why? You missed that in the states video and this one?

  • The reason Charlotte has a lot of hornet themed stuff is because of something that was supposedly said about Charlotte being a "hornet's nest" due to the fierce resistance during the revolutionary war.

  • Ya really glossed over Philly and I kinda disappointed me. Nobody ever mentions the arts and disputedly the highest number of parks and recreation per capita

  • Barby… you should spend a little more time in WVa. Check out Charleston and Morgantown. Charleston has that rustic, in the hills mood. Morgantown is our cool college city, but it’s becoming kinda cosmopolitan. Or at least as cosmopolitan as you’re going to get in the area …

  • The nickname for Charlotte is Queen City because it was named after Queen Charlotte (wife of king George 3 aka the king that America hated during the revolution) and the hornets is what Cornwallis, commander of the British military gave to Charlotte because of how much the population was hostile. He then called it a hornets nest.

    I live rock hill sc and lived in Charlotte when I was a kid. Born in Canada though. But yeah I moved when I was 2 so I’m American.

  • Manchester also has the largest LEGO structure in the ENTIRE WORLD. It's a reconstruction of the Manchester Mill when it was functioning in the 1800s. I saw it and it is AMAZING, check it out.

  • Fargo is really Minnesotan in heart, let’s be real. Metropolitan and North Dakota don’t mix

  • As a born-and-bred Wyomingite, you really nailed our description. However, if you ever are in our lovely, windblown state, stop by Powell and the Bighorn Basin on the way to Yellowstone. We'd love to have you.

  • As a Las Vegan, I can confirm that there are gambling machines E V E R Y W H E R E!

    Also, on the news we show fallen trees and car wrecks, that’s basically it.I don’t know if the news stations are being paid off not to show murders or brutality, but yeah…

  • Chicago was originally the beer capital of the USA, then a little fire happened in 1871 and Milwaukee took over

  • A few of these you talked about the capital city but not the largest city. For example in Wyomjng, Cheyenne is the capital, but Casper is the largest.

  • Charleston SC is definitely worth the visit! Even us, Europeans who don't care too much about US history, enjoyed it.

  • Fish and hunt by day, study hard by night you’ve explained it perfectly! The difference between Oregon hipsters and Washington people is when Washington people wear hiking boots it’s because we actually hike lmao

  • In Portland Oregon you should have mentioned the skate church and skateboarding as a whole is really big there

  • What are we considering the largest being? Are we talking about size or population. I would assume size because he says the population in some cases. So with all this said Newark is not the largest city in New Jersey based on size. That goes to Vineland, NJ in the south.

  • You are absolutely right about Portland, OR. It does promote itself for multiculturalism even though there's very few minorities living here, lol

  • Cool! I live like maybe 30 minutes away from the first ever Starbucks. Thank Washington, my home state btw.

  • As a Brit I'm seeing that Ohio call conkers buckeyes. I bet Ohio don't even know the best use for them (look up 'game of conkers').

  • You wrote “Colombus” but it’s actually “Columbus” for Columbus, Ohio. But that’s alright, cool video!

  • You definitely need to check out Charleston SC! We moved here when I was 11 and I think it's the best place to live in the entire USA.

  • But Barbie But BARBIE! Bronx is on the mainland! I’m so smart because I realize there was a small error in your video that I can exploit!

    Meant as a joke

  • Sorry, but San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas, not Dallas which is the most Yankee-like city in the state.

  • I live in Seattle and people here are really nice there the people that really don’t care that there here but Most People are nice

  • Providence, Rhode Island aka Pothole city and broke school city(seriously inspectors from Johns Hopkins cried checking out our schools)😂 but also we were ran by the mob for a while and some of us have an accent which sounds like a mix of a Boston and New York accent. There’s a bunch of Dunkin Donuts, coffee milk is really big and so is bakery pizza/pizza strips

  • alright you were inconsistent in picking which cities. Jacksonville florida proper is bigger than miami proper but miami is a bigger metropolitan area. however, memphis is a smaller metropolitan area than nashville though memphis proper is bigger than nashville. WHICH IS IT? are you doing city proper or metropolitan area? go back and redo this for Jacksonville and/or Nashville. also Dallas has a bigger metro area but houston is bigger proper.

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