Job: Old Testament Heroes – 5 Minute Family Devotional

Job: Old Testament Heroes – 5 Minute Family Devotional

Welcome to the JellyTelly 5 Minute Family Devotional Old Testament Heroes Job: God Gives and Takes Away Today’s verse is Job 1:21b. “The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” Job is a righteous man, he does what’s right – and God has blessed him. He has ten kids, seven thousand sheep,
three thousand camels, five hundred pair of oxen, donkeys, servants – you name it, he’s got it. He loves God and follows God’s rules! Then suddenly, we find ourselves
at a meeting called by God. In heaven? It doesn’t say, maybe. But guess who shows up at the meeting? Abraham Lincoln? Nope. Satan! And God says, “Look at Job!”
“He respects me and does what’s right!” And Satan says,
“He only respects you because you’ve blessed him!” “Take away his stuff and he’ll curse you to your face.” Scene change: back to Job. A bunch of bandits come and take all the oxen and donkeys! Then fire comes from the sky and burns up all the sheep! Then more bandits come and take the camels! Then a wind storm knocks down the house where his kids were! And they all die. Oh no! What did he do? Well, he was really sad. He ripped his robes and sat down in the dirt. But then he said,
“The Lord gave me all that stuff and he can take it away,
blessed is the name of the Lord.” That’s quite an impressive response. Yes, it is!
Job was gonna respect God no matter what! Scene change! Another meeting in heaven… or wherever. Satan says, “Okay, but he’s still healthy. Take away his good health and then he’ll curse you to your face!” So back to Job – who suddenly finds himself covered with sores – from head to foot! They really hurt and Job is miserable. Job’s wife comes by, takes one look at him,
and says, “You should just curse God and die!” That’s not a very nice thing to say to your husband,
“Curse God and die?” No it wasn’t.
It looks like the accuser is right! That we only respect God when he gives us what we want! But Job says his wife is speaking foolishly
and he won’t curse God! Then three friends show up who’ve heard about Job’s terrible state. They sit quietly with him for seven days! Then they start talking, “Obviously, these terrible things have happened to you
because you’ve done something terrible! Tell us what you’ve done.” But Job says,
“I’ve been good, I’ve been following God!” And the friends get a little cranky, and say,
“Bad things are punishment! If you want your stuff back,
you need to stop being bad.” And Job gets a little cranky, and says,
“I told you, I’ve been good! I don’t know why God let these bad things happen to me.” And Job’s friends get even more cranky, and say,
“Not only have you done terrible things, But you are proud and won’t admit it!
You deserve all these terrible things!” And Jobs gets mad, and says,
“You are terrible friends saying I’ve done terrible things! God, why don’t you defend me?
It’s not fair!” And as they’re arguing, a whirlwind shows up! What’s a whirlwind? It’s like a small tornado. Oh! Interesting. And a voice comes out of the whirlwind.
And the voice belongs to… Abraham Lincoln! What’s the thing with Abraham Lincoln today? Best president we ever had. Sorry for the interruption. The voice belongs to God! Does he explain why everything bad happened?
About the meetings in heaven? Or wherever? No, he doesn’t.
He says, “Who’s asking questions about whether I’m doing the right thing or not?
Like I have no wisdom? Like I don’t know about justice?
I created the world! I control the seas! I rule over all of creation with wisdom
that you cannot always understand! Do you know everything that’s going on right now
to say that I’m being unfair?” What did Job do? He put his hand over his mouth.
He knew he had spoken of things he did not understand. He realized that God was just and wise and could be trusted – even when bad things happened. Then God turned to the so-called friends and told them they were wrong! Terrible things happening to Job
did not mean Job had done terrible things. There’s more going on than we can see! And God restored Job’s health,
and gave him more kids, and more camels, sheep, oxen,
and donkeys than he’d ever had before. And Job kept on trusting God and being faithful to him –
even when life was hard to understand. Let’s review today’s verse! Job 1:21b “The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord. Let’s talk. What did we learn? Job kept trusting God even when
he didn’t understand what God was doing. Parents, share a story about when you had to trust God. Let’s pray together. Let’s pray and ask God to help us believe that
he is trustworthy and to trust him always. For more on this devotional, visit the blog at

44 thoughts on “Job: Old Testament Heroes – 5 Minute Family Devotional

  • oooh how cute this new version is, Kids dont have to stay dead , like in every issue sky man seems to have. What an great example to lookupon., Killing everyone, mocking others, pursuing wars, whole genosides, Such an lovely bedtime story,

    Then people dare to whine about school shootings happening …. after all this is what kids are brainwashed with since kindergarden.

  • Imagine teaching your kids this insanity as truth in the 21st century… who observed this bet making between this god and devil? teaching children stuff like this simply retards their minds..just bizarre and imaginative stories designed to prop a an imaginative god when times turn bad for true believers, gods testing you, its not that he doesn't exist and help, rather he allows you to be punished, to test you, to make sure you really love him..because he cant tell any other way….. such foolishness, teaching it as a truth to children simply makes for foolish minds. its just an ink on paper fantasy, nothing more.

  • Job G-(to Satan)-Have you considered my servant Job he loves me and turns away from you S-(to God)-Job only loves You because You had blessed him if You take everything from him he will hate You! G-(to Satan)-Alright then you may take everything from Job but don't kill him G-(to Satan)-Ha! Satan it didn't work Job still loves Me Job-(to God)-The Lord gave and He took it away Bless it be the Name of God! G-(to Satan)-Ha Satan see you were wrong about Job he loves Me

  • I know this is for kids, but why most of the preachings disregard or don't talk about how depressed Job was. He even questioned God why it happened and wanted to die instead. I just don't like most of the preachings neglect the negative part of lives of some characters in the bible and only tell the good things, "you have to believe, be patient, and trust.. there and there…". Most of the preachings I hear stopped only at the first part "and Job praised God and did not sin" and then jump to when God brought back everything to Job. Why they don't explain and go deep and in the middle part of the Job's story when Job was in his lowest part of his life. For me, that's where the essense amd purpose of Job's suffering is in. It seems like they are always trying to make you respond as good as what having faith is, and not to have negative reponse. But that's not what Job did. You can read in the bible what are those complaint of Job's are.

    BTW, I'm also a Christian, I just really love the story of Job. It is the most realistic story in terms of nature of men and process/stages of suffering.

  • Why's God letting Satan get involved? I'd have just told him to "fuck off", never mind taking the moral high ground – some people aint worth it. Job must have had PTSD after all that, never mind all the graft to restore his life.

  • The Story of Job has always been one of my favorites! I could hear it over and over again as a kid. Can't wait to share it with my children one day! God is good always, and always God is good.

  • This story is written to mock God and make Him look like He took away from Job. Read the Bible and see that satan took away Jobs belongings. God replaced them 10 fold. Job said God gives and takes because Job was unaware of what satan was trying to prove to God – that Job was only loyal due to the blessings given him from God. Lastly – note the narrating teacher says there was a meeting in Heaven or 'wherever' – this is a direct attack to knock the words written in Job. There was no meeting appointed by God. satan had been roaming about seeking to devour the faith of yet another weak mortal and when God saw him God mentioned Jobs great faith….hence it begins. Read the book. Don't take idiot childrens stories designed to confuse the faith of the righteous.

  • Job was a schizophrenic who heard voices inside his head.
    God was a sociopath and sadist who enjoyed tormenting Job and pretending to test him when he already knows all things.
    Sick and twisted fairy tale to scare little children. Don't waste my time.

  • The story its wrong…not God did all this to Job, he just let the Satan (who was an angel not a serpent, and Satan was the title this angel had and his name was Lucifer) to brings all the evil Job to test him. Lucifer was not evil he was just questioning God's way of doing things.

  • So basically, god killed Job's children to win a bet with the devil?! That's just awful! I mean, sure god gave him more children, but his original ten kids are dead. What did they do to deserve that? What did Job do to deserve that? Each person/soul is unique and precious, you can't just give new children and call it even. That's completely messed up. I don't see how this story could be true, unless it's missing something. Like maybe god gave him back his original children with the same souls inside their bodies? I dunno, it just seems like god was trying to prove himself when he didn't need to and ended up doing evil towards his followers in doing so.

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