Job Is Modern SLAVERY; You Don’t Need It !!!

Job Is Modern SLAVERY; You Don’t Need It !!!

Job Is Modern Slavery; You Don’t Need It
One day when I was 13 years old, I stood alone in my high school football pitch and asked
myself, “Why is everyone teaching me how to be employee?” I was only 13 yet, it became very clear to
me that the world around me was designed for a single thing and that’s to teach everyone
to serve the rich as employee. I started my first business at age 15 and
I loved it. To me, creating things and selling them is
just fun and this increased my anger in a few years to follow. Yes, it was not easy for me to build a business
from scratch (especially because I was born by poor parents), but if I had my life again,
I would rather suffer a decade to create the kind of life I have today, than to work all
my life to make someone else rich. I think job is the modern slave trade and
I’ll explain that in this video. I’ll also try to challenge and inspire you
to create your own desired life, no matter how difficult it is. If you’re new here, consider subscribing
so that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. You see, I grew up as a young man who loves
himself so much. Maybe I’m selfish or arrogant, I can’t
tell. But one thing I know for sure about myself
and that is, I love freedom. I love to wake up when I like to, do what
I love to, when I like to, with the people I like to. When I discovered that modern lifestyles forbade
this kind of freedom, I knew that I would need to fight for what I believe I deserved. For 8 years, I was a nobody because I was
struggling to build a business. However when I had my first breakthrough in
business, I moved from the button to the topmost. For many years now, I never have any reason
to wake up with alarm because of a job. I never had to wear any particular clothes. I never had to work with those I don’t respect. More importantly, I write my own checks. To me, it’s heaven on Earth to be living
the way I’m. But whenever I meet with my friends who are
employees, I hear how they complain about everything, the job they hate, the employer
they hate, the office politics, the low pay jobs etc. Now, this is what I have to tell you. None of these should be yours for 35 years. Listen to me. You have the power to change your life, if
you truly want to do it. Accepting the slavery as a norm
Most people who ought to create their own desired lives don’t get the inspiration
to do it because they have accepted the kind of life they are living as norm. This is as a result of what the psychologists
call social proof. Social poof basically means that wherever
a lot of people are doing something, we have the tendency to join them, not only join them,
but think that it’s normal and good. This is what happens in our society today. If today you’re 17, since every one of your
friends will be dreaming of going to the Harvard, your own dream will be centered around the
university and degrees too. Since that’s what everyone you know is doing,
that must be the normal thing to do, right? The same thing with jobs. According to the Gallup Poll, 85% of employees
all over the world hate their jobs and all these billions of people still wake up to
run to that same office they hate without taking any actions to change their situations. Are these people fools? No. Most of them are smart, intelligence people. But you see, it makes sense to have a job,
since everyone does have one. That’s the reason why people preach to themselves
and accept their situations as normal. You have to do the opposite. You don’t have to accept what you hate. You’re a human being. You have the power inside of you to change
anything (and I mean, anything you hate) but to change something in your life, you must
see it as abominable. History of Slavery
In the era of our forefather, if you’re rich, you can have as many slaves as you wanted. You’ll buy them and use them to farm. At a point in history, we abolished the slave
trade because we thought that it’s not good for a human being to become the tool for another
human. Now we can let people be free. Let them live their lives, have their kids
and build their own houses. But we still technically own them. We still tell them what to do, how to do it,
when to resume at work, when to close and all that. We don’t call it slavery but we determine
the clothes they must wear. It’s not slavery but they can’t stay back
at home any time they want. Are entrepreneurs evil? Well, I don’t blame entrepreneurs for this
evil. You see, I’m an entrepreneur myself. I run businesses and employ people. I do honestly think that some people love
their jobs and this video isn’t for those people. I also (unfortunately) believe that the world
can only go on smoothly if some people are kings while others are servants. Now, don’t get me wrong. If you’re an employee and you’re among
the 15% who truly love their jobs, you don’t need to look elsewhere. You’ve found your path and as long as that
path pays your bills, you’ll be a happy person. However, if Monday is your worst day, if you
wake up each working day and hiss, if you wish you could have another life that’s
free from the burden of job, then, I have some words for you. You see, we all have to live just ones. Because we won’t have a repeat of this single
life, we have to fight hard to create the kind of life we love. I tell you, you can do it. Maybe you’re in debt. Maybe you think you’re old. Maybe you think you’re black or you think
you’re a woman. I was a sickly boy but while growing up, I
discovered that the world always bow for whoever is crazy enough to fight for what he wants. If you fight, the world will give way for
you to pass. Remember we’re in the 21 century
I’m sorry but I have to remind you that we’re no longer in 1983. I need to remind you because most people don’t
know. You see, our fathers lived in a much closed
world. Many of them did one single job for 40 years. Many of them never saw a mobile phone, not
to talk of the internet. Today, even 15 years old kids are creating
wealth via the internet. No matter how busy you are, you can always
have an hour in a day to learn and practice skills that may be sellable online. You can share your existing experience to
help others and you’ll be paid for it. For instance I’m an entrepreneur who builds
and run my own businesses. But I also teach people how to do what I’m
doing. You don’t know how much I make from teaching
people how to do what I’m doing, you don’t know. But you may also have a valuable experience
others are willing to learn from. You may have an existing business which the
internet can help you market. I don’t know who you are, what your strengths
are and what you can do, but I challenge you to look inward and figure out how to create
the life you’ll love. Another big mistake many people make is to
expect this journey to be easy. Far from it. It’s tough. It’s hard. It’s hell. But it leads to heaven, if you can fight hard
for the freedom you deserve. You have a single life. Don’t live it doing what you hate. You can change your life if you’re willing
to fight with your last blood. Thank you so much for watching our videos. Are you between the ages of 15 and 40? Then, we invite you to join our new channel
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100 thoughts on “Job Is Modern SLAVERY; You Don’t Need It !!!

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    Through Fame TV, We share with you the interesting stories and biographies of some of the most successful people in the world and even some villains.

  • So what job you do mate🤔 Drugs Dealer 😂 To be honest with you! I like to "enjoy my life" but this is exactly when I decide to do it the part of this time my Life.✌😎 God give us bless and instincts on our souls.💪💪💪 He give us mind to thinking and separate Good from Bad. So we have opportunities to choose what "slaves" we want to become. One who God make or other one Who Has been lost by following Satan 😎 Am not a Lazy Man so I can't understand how People can Lie too much on this Life🤔 I really have an question for you Mate☝️ You said you start your business at age 13🤔 and you grow with milk and cereals until age 15😃😂 And after that you change the cereals with salad and potatoes 🤔 Really I can't understand how People can Lie soo much👺 I like to enjoy my job every time when I am there at work. I like to enjoy with my family and friends always when I create a party or a birthday day.💪💪💪 So don't know how you opened this subject of Slavery jobs. I wish you not get upset about my comment.😃✌😎 But my Blad say to me you are a Fake Man.👺😁 in case you can appreciate my comment with a like from you to see if you agree with me😎

  • Maybe one day when my wife suddenly say "yes" to business ventures. Lol. I have so many ideas, she just doesn't have faith that I can pull it off. Thank you.

  • Modern slavery was the school:
    1. Force you to wake up early.
    2. Force you to learn you don't need in your life.
    3. Force you to participate pointless activities you dont like that sometimes can harm you.
    4. Force you to make pointless projects.
    5. Force you to do ugly haircuts.

  • Not everyone will be a self-made money maker. Some people want to be teachers and will work in education. Some will be nurses and be employed at hospitals. Some will work in government because they believe they can make a difference. It's not bad to be an employee. It is bad to go to a job you hate. Not everyone can or should be an entrepreneur, but all entrepreneurs need people to help them be successful.

  • Thumbs down. This clip is a clickbait. Telling basically what we already know – ad nauseam. And inviting you to help him to make more money. But no real detail is being said.

  • Work at a job and start a side hustle. Quit until your side hustle replaces your day job income.

  • The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention… A loving silence often has far more power to heal and to connect than the most well-intentioned words. Rachel Naomi Remen
    Agree? -then give 👍
    Not Agree? – Tell me why in 💬

  • you do reailise not everyone get to do what they want and be rich… not under capitalism
    under anarchism yes , but that's another topic

  • and yes entrepenurs (or capitalists) are evil by essence, they're the masters of the slaves.
    A rightouse one would join to free everyone, not to enslave others

  • a job is passing knowledge of the work place and seeing your ability to either pursue helping a business or becoming a competitor or a pit stop for your next endeavour. whats really slavery is the fact you use money to buy shit you dont really need to live a life.

  • so what you're saying (which i agree with) is that although jobs are unimportant society has been built around the need for a source of income which allows the trickery of needing a job to work

  • This is highly inmature and dangerous advice. Most of the world works to pay their basic needs. Not everybody has the mindset and character for enterpeneurship.

  • C'mon!! How many successful people do you know, most people just want to live their lives in peace with the basic necessities. There can only be so many millionaires and the rest of us have to be part of the working class that really make it happen for society as a whole. Until they come up with a fairer system this is what we have to work with!!!!

  • Sorry but your idea need badass stamina or badass Talent to truely avoid jobs alltogether. Not everything is meant Bad for the society. For some of us jobs are an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY. Lets say our IQ is below 100. What should we do?

  • The phrase "I write my own checks" is absolutely bullshitting, if you can write your own checks, you will be the richest person on earth in seconds.

  • The title of this video saying that working a job (getting paid, not forced labor, clothed, not beaten, raped, killed, or tortured) is equivalent to modern day slavery is frankly incredibly ignorant, insulting and insensitive to the many years of American Slavery which was absolutely nothing like just a modern day job. Distasteful.

  • Sell monotonic good or cbd oil I make five thousand a month watching everyone else be slaves and still live in debt

  • It’s ok to have a job , if you like it fine not everyone has the stamina or abilities to take responsibility for themselves. Some people need to be taken care of. But everyone needs multiple sources of income putting everything into one career is a mistake

  • It's true that jobs are modern slavery but it depends what the job is if it's the wrong job for the person then your a slave if you have the right job then your not

  • It is not really slavery no one is forcing you to work for them you most likely applied for the job. Slavery= being forced and you don't have a choice.

  • sooner or later they'll be no jobs everything will be ran by ai eventually in the near future the way technology is expanding it's unbelievable.

  • SLAVERY is when they don't pay you for a job. Without big companies, there will be no one to pay you for the small thing you do.

  • It’s resources Vs resourcefulness. Forget all this BS about slavery, and flowery language in this video.

    If you have resources, then you can be resourceful. If you’re not resourceful, then you won’t have resources.

    And don’t let anyone tell you that you can leave your job without having money saved to branch out to attempt it. Don’t listen to this guy.👎

  • I quit my job after 4-5 years of working two years ago. It was hard at first since the only mentality I carry is to have a job and money to keep on living. I was struggling to detach those mindset about a year ago. I'm working as a freelancer now. But there will be a point where I will grow. The thing that keeps me questioning is , you mentioned you employ people for your business. How does that not contradict with the idea of a "job as modern slavery"?

  • Damn, I'm glad I learned its better to be rich than an employee, thank you for the ground breaking revelation! Lets all go create our millionaire businesses now.

  • i stopped trying to save as much money from my job and now spend a fair amount of each paycheck on equipment and supplies that might enable me to start my own business

  • So job is slavery because employers expect from you to do the job you are been paid for. Let's we all stop working so the whole society and the humankind itself will collapse

  • You don´t offer a solution. You just say it´s better to be a master than to be a slave. There are people out there who do not have the character to become a business man on his or her own – but they still want to be free. And now ? What shall they do ?
    The real problem is that this world is a prison of forced collectivism. Real individuality is not wanted by the rules of life. Life is made to be depentant. There is no solution for all. This is the main problem. And they added some more freedom to disguise the nature of slavery within this system.
    You just suggest some bullshit that doesn´t work for 99% of people.

  • i only ever see a job as a stepping stone,my issue is i have a desire(to make my comic known )but have no idea where to start to gain a foothold in a really daunting area

  • So basically what your saying is, you escaped being the employee and became the owner or someone that now employes other sad humans. ok good to know.

  • It can be only for the people that actually do they're jobs right once they do the crooks take advantage of the good slaves good work an want to pay them less but lay more work on you how come

    Is good workers not worth having to you people they know your poor so they wanna keep you that way but only give you enough that they know you'll blow on food or cigarettes

    But to them they have them a good working dog slave if that's what you like calling it but it's not just slave because that word you don't get paid shit.

    So slaves don't get no money unless you enjoy doing free work/jobs

  • I've done free jobs for old friends before but that's how you do it's the only right thing to do and enjoyed it to

  • I guess this guy just doesn’t know what slavery is.

    Things need to be organized in a business environment, who knew!!

    If you work, it’s for money,

    If working is slavery
    Then claiming paychecks must be theft

  • If everyone was an entrepreneur we would have a highly inefficient economy and the wages of workers would skyrocket increasing the desirability of a 9-5 due to low supply of people willing to work them while the over saturation of entrepreneurs will drive down bottom lines thus landing us back to square 1. The most important thing is finding something challenging that provides opportunities for growth working with good people. There are miserable entrepreneurs we just don't hear about them as much because nobody cares about the unsuccessful ones.

  • I'm ok with the jobs, I'm just not OK for doing my job in help, need or expense of other people that I don't care about. I hate doing something that I want to consider my achievement for others who don't deserve my glorious work. If it's for the children I'm cool with it but for society and world building I say "fuck off and let this world rot until everyone is like me." I want to be self appended like artist, I want people to notice my work but not use it for society or themselves like I previously said. One more thing why I resent jobs is authority- I don't like being commanded by nobody's who're not worth my time. I hate following their rules too because their not of my concern and limit my potential. This last bit is kind of unrelated but it still stands. And yes, this is a bit egotistic but my apathy is keeping me away from being egomaniac. I just want for this world to be self-reliant and to do good by themselves. I just hate doing something for sake of others cause my hand they don't need.

  • Walmart wouldn't exist without associates. Small time jobs keep society breathing. Someone's gotta do it. I sure as hell know I wouldn't want to have no convenience stores around me.

  • Right. Our fathers never had this problem. They financed our every wish from this 9-5 job. And now you are saying it is slavery. Fuck you. If want not to be screwed, get a job.

  • The right job will let you make enough money and then go home and not worry about things.

    Owning your own business means you need to always be worrying and working.

  • Love the truth that is in this message. Feeling a little uneasy about the invitation for those under 40. Why the cap?

  • Be great if everyone was an entrepreneur, but most people aren't cut out for it. It's seriously hard work, and you have to constantly keep competition at bay.

  • Not 100% true, you need a job to fund a startup business especially if you are starting at zero. But if you have any kind of DEBT you are already a slave.

  • You know that thing you get for working? It's called salary. It's amount is heavily based on your capabilities.
    Can you leave your job anytime you want? You can.
    People talking about what they don't like? Well, that's not slavery, that's called "their problem".
    So fuck off, if you were a slave you would notice. You can get solid rich as an employee if you know how to negotiate. But most of you haven't even tried that.

  • Alright, I'm 22. I have a decent bit of education. I have a criminal justice degree and I am in shape. I am knowledgable with html and cas. What can I do to become an entrepreneur. I just dont know where to start. Any advice? I currently work for a computer company making 12.50 an hour.

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