Indian Vlogger In America | Self Service Car Wash | Hindi Vlog | This Indian

Indian Vlogger In America | Self Service Car Wash | Hindi Vlog  | This Indian

So todays plan is I haven’t washed one of my vehicle for a few days there is a self service carwash I will show you’ll this carwash it’s not a fancy carwash in fact it is the closest one so please don’t consider this a carwash tutorial I just want to show you’ll how a self service carwash is so the machines behind me are the vacuum cleaners so if you want to vacuum the interior you would put money in that vacuum cleaning machine this is the brush from which the foam comes out of once the soap comes out I will clean my Jeep with it here now I will show you the high pressure washer spray this is the high pressure washer spray the water will come out here and water mixed with soap ok here I will put in the money to start the machine so you will get aprox 4 minutes of run time with 1 dollar now I will show you where I will get change from I will keep this video raw because it will be more fun to watch this is the change machine. I will insert 1 dollar ok and the change will come out of here so because I inserted $1 I got 4 quarters now I will insert these 4 quarters in this and look here it’s all written here and then what types soaps mixed with water will come out of the spray this is actually all ripped and spoilt my total cost will be aprox $3 because the first $ one I will select only water to get the dirt out then I will select water mixed with soap and then foam brush soap and then water only and then water mixed with wax I will show you all the steps. I am inserting the coins now I will select rinse. because initially I just want water so look here is where the water is coming out of I pulled the trigger as you can see my wheel is very very dirty it’s turned so dark now I am switching to water and soap so this will be turned to soap so now I turned it on soap you will see the soap and water come out together now the time is up since the 4 minutes are over. So I will insert 4 quarters again. to get it to start again. But this time I will select the brush with the foam coming out now I will select it to brush now 4 quarters now I’ll show you the brush the foam will start coming out of this here it is the soap is coming out of here now I am about to clean I’ll change the angle as you will enjoy more or you will get bored watching in the same angle it takes me about 1hr to 1 hr and half to clean my vehicle perfectly it just beeped. Which mean theres only one minute left now the last step is I’ll show you last step is going to be I will insert this last one dollar. High pressure water will come out this time I will not select with soap. It will be only plain water and then in the end I will select the wax feature. To get water and wax together so whenever you wash with water make sure you start washing from the top so the soap will start coming downwards if if you start washing from the lower part then you will have to wash from the top again and then wash the bottom part again so always remember. Once you put the soap after that start from the top. Like this many people here dry their cars too and vacuum the inside at times what I do is. I wash here but I do not dry here the vehicle drys itself while I drive by the time I get home I just wipe it with a cloth to get rid of the water spots. So I am leaving this on because I am running late I mainly wanted to show you’ll this carwash I just want to go outside and show you’ll this place from a distance so you will get a idea a good view see how the water line is setup this is also for water the soap comes from here and it comes out of the brush look this is the vacuum area if I wanted to vacuum then I would insert money in here same quarter the timer would start here carpet clean and vacuum is two dollars only vacuum is .75 cents. Ok and this is the vacuum so guys this was no vlog on this self service carwash I will see you’ll next time. Hasta lavista baby !

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