So you’ve got an interview for your dream
job coming up you want to shine. Well I’ve got good news you’ve come to the right place
because today we’ve got 8 tips that will help you feel more at ease at the
interview, be more confident, help you answer those difficult questions oh and by the way
don’t forget to show up you know what they say 80% of success is showing up. So that’s
9 tips for you today. And remember not to have any pieces of spinach between your teeth
or anything like that when you see the interviewer – that looks really bad. OK so That’s 10 tips.
10 tips for you today. A nice round number. Today we’ve some tips to help you get that
job. And we’ve also got a bonus tip at the end so stay tuned for that. Now, in this video
we’ve got some general tips about passing the interview and if English is not your first
language we’ve also got some hacks about how to optimise your English at the interview. Start with confidence. They say that an interview
is decided in the first 30 seconds so you’d better get that introduction right. We’ll
go into what you say later but the best way to start is with a smile, maintain good eye
contact and give a strong handshake. ok but not so strong that you crush your interviews
hand and they have to get rushed off to the hospital for an x-ray for a suspected cracked
wrist. As far as your voice is concerned keep the tone down – a falling tone So “hi I’m
Gideon” and not “hi I’m Gideon” A rising tone so you want to sound friendly but serious. There is an old much quoted piece of research
that says that 93% of communication is non-verbal and while that might be an exaggeration it’s
certainly true that it’s extremely important. So make that you sit upright with open body
language. Not a closed one like this. Keep good eye contact throughout. Use hand gestures
if that’s your style. And my top tip is if they ask you if you want something to drink
at the beginning of the interview ask for a glass of water. This will help in 3 ways.
Firstly, It’ll give you something to do with your hands instead of keeping them frozen
in concrete or resting your knees or stop you from fidgeting. Secondly, it’ll give you
thinking time if they ask you a difficult question. And thirdly, you have something
to drink if you’re thirsty. The interviewer is sitting there thinking
what can you do for for our company and not what can I do to help this person and your
answers should always reflect this. They should always focus on why it’s a good idea to hire
you. So for example if the question is “Why did you leave your last job?” Never, criticise
your former boss or your former colleagues always keep things positive. “My last boss
was stupid and my colleagues were all baskets they didn’t appreciate my genius and now I
want to progress my career and hopefully become a manager within the next 2 years.”. No, no,
no. Instead always put a positive spin on things and what you can do for them. “Although
I enjoy working at my current position, I feel that after three amazing years, I’ve
come as far as I can at this company so when I saw your advertisement I thought wow this
is a great position I’ve got the skills, I’ve got the experience, it’s a company with an
excellent reputation and It’s a place where I can really make a positive contribution.
“. So the answer is what you will do for them and not why it’s good for me. Everyone likes a story and your interviewer
is no different. By giving lots of examples, throughout the interview you’ll sound more
interesting and give a colour to your expression instead of talking in generalizations about
your experience. So for example. Instead of saying “I worked in the production department
where I developed systems using XYZ” make your example come to life. “When I worked
in the production department I wrote a new system which automated some boring repetitive
tasks that they had previously had to do by hand. it saved my co-workers about 12 hours
each per month each My company were delighted and my co-workers too because time they were
able to spend their time on more creative things.” Your USP is your unique selling point. What
makes you different from the rest of the pack? What can you offer that the other candidates
can’t? Often the candidate with the best experience and qualifications is not the person who gets
the job in the job. Perhaps you can demonstrate that you’re a quick learner that you’re versatile,
you’re a team player, you speak foreign languages. So throughout the interview make sure you
let them know what makes you unique and why they shouldn’t let you go. This is often overlooked but studies have
shown this to be one of the most important factors for influencing people. To put it
simply if the interviewer likes on a personal level you’re more likely to get the job. Who
would you give the job too the highly qualified candidate that you don’t like or the less
qualified candidate that you like? If you have to work with the person every day in
your team then you would probably choose the less well qualified candidate and then train
them up. So try to connect with the interviewer get into his or her mindset and if you find
something that you both have in common that can help you too to bond with that person. So my next tip is learn key phrases but don’t
memorize. Do your research well prepare for the interview but don’t memorize your answers.It
won’t work. Instead speak naturally and clearly. However, if you are not confident about your
English level if English is not your first language here is a hack. Here are some phrases
you can use to enrich your English expression. By using them the interviewer will get the
impression that you can express yourself with subtlety in English.
So for example Instead of using “a lot”, or “very” or “much” or “many” you could say
A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT- “I did a significant amount of work on the project”
or A GREAT DEAL – “It required a great deal of effort but I succeeded”
you can use CONSIDERABLY – “It was considerably more difficult than I imagined.”
Instead of say “a little” or “a bit” or “quite” you could use RATHER
“Although it was rather difficult I managed to complete the task.”
and to show a nuance use SOMEWHAT “His response was somewhat surprising. ”
Instead of “completely” say WHOLEHEARTEDLY “She thought this was the best course of action
and I wholeheartedly agreed. ” These are just some examples: But do your
own research. But it’s good to have a few key words and key expressions to impress the
interviewer if English is not your first language. If English is not your first language you
might be worried about making grammar mistakes. Well you shouldn’t be. The interviewer is
not a grammar teacher and will probably, not even notice your grammar mistakes (unless
of course you’re going for a job as an English teacher of course). But generally He or she
has invited you in to the interview because they’ve seen you CV and they know you have
the skills they know you have the qualifications and they know English is not your first language.
They don’t care about that as long as you can express yourself clearly and precisely. And here’s the bonus tip
Enjoy yourself. Try not to see the interview as an interrogation but rather as an interaction
between two people in the same field. Have a good conversation emphasise your friendliness
and enjoy yourself. If you manage to do that you’ll come across as more relaxed, more affable
and they are more likely to want to work with you So there you are if’ you have nay interesting
job interview experiences then put them in the comments.
And thank you for watching and when can I start?

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  • You're not on trial at an interview. Its your future so go in and have an enjoyable chat with the prospective employer. Play Devil's advocate for a week or two prior to the interview. Use your imagination and dream up the most difficult questions you could ask yourself about you. You could even ask friends to ask you questions.

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