Ex-Workers Reveal The One Item You Should Never Order At Wendy’s

Ex-Workers Reveal The One Item You Should Never Order At Wendy’s

When it comes to hot and hearty fast food
meals, Wendy’s signature chili is a classic and filling choice. So why are some former Wendy’s employees warning
people not to order it? “Chili comes in large or small bowls for the
dining room and the cups are to go!” The answer may surprise you, as it turns out
that fresh cup of chili may not be so fresh after all. That’s because, according to a self-described
former Wendy’s employee who spilled the beans on a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread, the chili
is actually made with last night’s leftover hamburgers. “They take the dried out beef patties that
have been on the grill too much long, and put them in a steamer. Then at the end of the night, they mash up
all those dried out and rehydrated steam patties, and put them in the fridge. Then the next morning, chili mix is made,
and all that old meat is plopped in there and left to simmer for awhile.” Needless to say, not everyone with thrilled
with the idea of eating yesterday’s abandoned meat, especially after another self-identified
former employee revealed that the burgers were leftover to begin with because they were
too burnt to be sold. Worse, they allegedly often sat out all day
before being chucked in the fridge. “The gross part to me is that it was hours
usually a full shift before they were removed… and froze the leftover burgers.” So next time… maybe just try the salad instead. Thanks for watching! Click the Mashed icon to subscribe to our
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100 thoughts on “Ex-Workers Reveal The One Item You Should Never Order At Wendy’s

  • So what. Jeez… have you ever seen a chicken nugget factory? They also don't use frozen patties and you can taste the difference.

  • I worked in fast food. And part of how a mgr is compensated depends on reducing waste. Your article assumes "hundreds" of day old beef patties when it was probably less than 12. PEOPLE… chili, stews, sloppy joes, SOUPS, all sort of foods were INVENTED out of the need to reduce waste. I know these young folks today won't believe it but there were times where you only had so much of an animal and you had to make do. So throwing away perfectly good meat was not an option. So yes the chili uses day old beef. It's not that big of a deal.

  • As an employee of Wendys, this video is incorrect . 1rst and most obvious, we put the meat in the freezer, not the refrigerator. And our grills have timers much like the fryers and the fry bins. When it beeps, you throw it in the steamer and when you reach 42-48 patties, you chop it up and put it in the FREEZER. If you want to stay safe and eat fresh chili, eat after lunch cuz morning chili is unsold chili from the previous day.

  • I used to work at Wendys. Dried out burgers my ass, any burgers you drop on the floor, (even step on,) while cooking, you are supposed to put in a bin up top of the grill. They sit there all day, (after being peeled off the floor) then after closing, the manager uses the floor burgers, TO MAKE THE NEXT DAYS CHILI. Absolutely true. I lived in Boston at the time.

  • Wendy's isn't the only one who does this, Texas Roadhouse does it too. I made a comment about it, it was fresh when the new store first opened but after a few days it became obvious. We aren't eating there anymore.

  • I can assure you. The chilli is definitely safe. The chilli with the meat is heated over 165 even though the meat has been cooked multiple times. It's not like the meat is old or bad it anything lol.

  • not entirely true… Wendy's get's their meat daily, almost always from local meat packers… making a burger to order in a timely fashion requires some guess work… so more often than not, some burgers do get somewhat overcooked to be served on a bun… true, it has less fat left in the meat, but it's in no way burnt or ruined… if it's been on the grill for more than ten minutes it's immediately stored in stainless containers and put into a walk-in… when chili is made, often several times daily that meat is chopped up and added to the mix… more often than not it's done the very same day… compared to most fast food items, Wendy's chili is remarkably fresh and consistently tasty… I haven't work at a Wendy's since the mid 70's, so maybe things have changed… but of all the burger franchises I know Wendy's may be more mired in tradition than others, so I doubt the way of making their chili has changed much… to me, it always seemed a clever way to make the most of the meat they buy…

  • Next time just try the salad instead?
    How about not eating crappy fast food at all.
    Your body will thank you for it.

  • The truffle fries seasoning was actually really disgusting and tastes more like a garlic powder than truffle. No one I knew liked it, and it has never made a return ever since. The most popular one that always makes a come back are the seaweed shaker fries. Basically the same thing but with a power seasoning with seaweed flavour and it is miles better than the truffle.

  • I mean…it's fast food chilli people lol I bet that meats perfectly fine sitting out that long due to the crazy salt and sugar levels lol

  • Really y’all. Making chili is a great way not to waste food. The meat is fine. It’s one day old for goodness sake. They even steam it I assume to moisten and soften it a bit and then they refrigerate it. I don’t get what the problem is. And for the record. I don’t eat fast food and when I super rarely do I don’t order chili. A single cheeseburger plain and fries for me please. but I think making chili is a great way not to waste food, same with making soups or pot pies etc….

  • I’m a current employee at Wendys and this is completely false. We grill hamburgers fresh every 45 mins or so and whatever burgers aren’t eaten in those 45 mins are made into chili meat and then put into the refrigerator to be reheated. They are not burnt or bad. We throw away burnt meat.

  • My problem with Wendy's Chili is not the meat, it is the lack of it. I once ordered one for fun and took out all the beans and there was not even enough meat in there to make a small burger. Not to mention Chili does not have beans in it.

  • I don’t understand how this is so “disgusting” to some people. It’s using food wisely and making profit off it instead of throwing out food that could be used…

  • I worked at Wendy’s and they do take the meat from the day before but the meat is fresh from that day it’s never frozen after cook, it is set aside in a food safe holding container. Also the chill you eat is really made that morning since Wendy’s closes late. I don’t know which Wendy’s these people worked at🙄 If the people who make the chili are fine with eating it, no one else should be worried.😑It’s fresh meat made that day and used for chili and it good.👌

  • As I sit here and eat my chili from Wendy's… lol… 🤦🤦 I guess there are worse things. And it's freaking delicious btw! 😁

  • I work for Wendy's and imma stand up for then the burgers that are left on the grill too long are timed ones that are too burnt goes into the trash but ones that doesnt get ordered and gets dried out we put them in a heated compartment and then at the end of the day we add water then microwave drain the water then grind it up with a hand grinder and put the meat in bags that are REFRIGERATED NOT FROZEN and it's used the next day for chilli!!!!

  • What an absolute idiotic video lol. There is nothing wrong with using fresh meat that did not get served. A lot of restaurant also use fresh same day meat. You can't even tell the difference.

  • The truth is the burgers and toppings are all downsized but prices are double. Corporate earnings and bonuses must be good.

  • 😂 wrong the meat is still good just not sellable for burgers and that meat is only used when it hasn’t been sold most of the time when making chili they use fresh meat

  • Who cares if they use leftover burgers. That makes me want to eat it more that they actually add the meat in store rather than out of a can. Also it’s how they can sell the chili for 2 something instead of 5 something. People need to quit whining.

  • There was an old Wendy's training video that was teaching you how to use the grill, where in a rap segment they ACTUALLY say that patties that is not perfect get dumped in to make the chili.

  • Stop posting falsified content; this whole channel is in spite of gaining attention. Who cares about these fake rumors because Wendy’s chili is still delicious no matter what.

  • I looked this up, because I just watched a video that claimed that Wendy's also scrapes the grill, containing spoiled meat.

  • It’s true. I currently work at Wendy’s and it’s true. I’ve never tried their chili but it sounds good.

  • I don’t give a fuuuuck Keisha. It’s just leftover meat. As long the chili don’t have a finger or feces in it were good

  • Do you actually believe this people? I don't at all as busy as Wendy's gets there's no way they have leftover patties made over cuz after certain time they're not allowed to make any extra patties to keep up. Acting like seven or eight they make the sandwiches as they go as they're being ordered so whoever made this is probably just against Wendy's. This is not facts

  • What do you think your meat is fresh when you buy at the supermarket thdays old also if not weeks who knows I don't care Wendy's chili is the best

  • The frosty shouldn’t be eaten if the restaurant doesn’t clean the machine every night ! Ask when it’s cleaned

  • Yet somehow after making this video, you guys made a video called “This is why Wendy’s chili is so delicious.” Restating literally the same thing but in a positive light. Thank you Mashed for the consistency in your amateur journalism.

  • i'm guessing the folks who are shocked by the video are those that don't cook often. no one's gotta sick from meat that's been sitting for few hours and then used for chili. and actually, i'd prefer that former beef patty as it makes it taste better for 2 reasons..
    1. meat that's been seared/cooked on skillet, then used in Chili (or any stew) tastes better and it's chili, so it won't be dry anyway
    2. it means it uses beef that's never touched the freezer, supposedly (assuming what they say about their burgers is true)

    i'm not a spokesman for Wendy's, and rather, i was a guy who loved that chili, but avoided because it was so cheap and i thought there were worse reasons for it… NOW i finally feel safe to eat their chili again

    it's only been few years until i started really cooking often and when i was NEWB in the kitchen, i probably woulda been grossed out too (but now i know better than when i was living on outside food)

  • I'm a germ phobe and nothing mentioned about their chili in this video bothers me at all. And although I am not a vegetarian I hate to see meat go to waste. I used to work at mcdonalds and it was sad to see how many burgers were tossed out. Chili is a great way to not let the meat go to waste while ensuring all burgers are fresh.

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