Child protective services needs to recruit better workers | IN 60 SECONDS

Child protective services needs to recruit better workers | IN 60 SECONDS

To improve our child welfare system, we
have to improve the recruitment of the people working in it.
Far too often, Child Protective Services seems to attract applicants who don’t
have other career options, who don’t quite understand what the job is, and who
don’t have the skills to accomplish it. Right now, child welfare workers are
overwhelmed. One report finds that the estimated national average turnover rate
at child welfare agencies is approximately 30%, with individual agency
rates as high as 65%. Some observers focus on the possible solution of
offering higher compensation and lower caseloads, but we should consider
recruiting applicants for CPS who are interested in law enforcement,
not just social work, and we should follow the lead of New York and Arizona
where the position is marketed as “first responder”. Going into homes where there
have been reports of abuse and neglect can be dangerous, and figuring out what
has gone wrong requires serious critical thinking and investigative skills.
Finding the right people for this job is crucial. Do you think child protective
service workers should be considered first responders? Let us know in our poll.
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12 thoughts on “Child protective services needs to recruit better workers | IN 60 SECONDS

  • Totally.
    Same thing in UK.
    The turnover for social workers is extremely high. People in care get a new social worker every few months. It became pointless to even try and remember their names.

  • Was this a joke?
    Protecting children, should be the highest priority of ALL people, they are our future.
    They should be trained and able to say all the nice words that will calm a crackhead down.
    And armed with a shotgun!

  • Since the agency was created not for the protection of children, but to generate state profits, the personnel will be limited to the efficiency of those millionaire profits and not to the welfare of the abused children.

  • They are literally NOT first responders. Maybe have police officers specialize in a CPS department of local law enforcement.

  • I need help on question. We raised our Granddaughter and called cps and they never intervened We recently in the last year spent 22k to fight her Father whom was just released from prison as a felon and a heroine addict. CPS never helped us to keep her safe. The Police never helped her/us
    I’m trying to find a lawyer that will help us to make CPS in our area responsible. I even called Child Advocacy and CPS was reprimanded

    Any Attorney out there that stands for truth please respond to this comment

  • Better recruitment and training? Sure. Also less overreach. CPS is far too powerful and surely, corrupt than it needs to be.

  • Well what we also need to do is have better physiological screening in the US and stop expanding laws that protect abuse against children in these services this creates a situation where its better to leave the child in an abusive home vs "lawful" abuse. Next social workers need to stop assuming they know whats going on in there children's lives (they dont not even close). Stop inflating numbers with petty cases (if it can be fix in 3 months time its very likely to be unnecessary intervention to remove a child from the home) to off set travesty in 3yr+ protective cases, which despite having round the lock support for these children somehow greater majority of them dont make it as adults. Somehow no one is saying, wait, what? you mean despite round the clock support these children are no better, no no, somethings wrong. YOUR RIGHT, so let me put this in easy spoon feeding terms, if your a child predator there is no better institution to protect you than CPS and Child protection laws.

    Most states examples:
    child is not allow to have a diary or record of self made by self.
    child is not allow to keep and create, maintain, keep separate logs or incident report
    child must provide piece of evidence for each piece of evidence ( ie 2 pieces of evidence only count as one regardless of type and kind, but only to the extent to start an investigation ie)* evidence only bares half weight.
    Investigators must submit 2 pieces of evidence to count as 1. evidence only bares half weight.
    children are constantly reminded that feelings arent real then ask to sign a paper stating they have a right to feel safe (vs the right to be safe and in a safe environment). Remember feelings arent real, therefore in that paper children are being forced (even if the child doesnt sign it the social worker can) to sign away there safety.

    *: Say you have video, and bruises on a child that show the staff member or social worker abused a child, this CAN only be used to start an investigation and is not admissible to courts. Any evidence found during an investigation that was not submitted to start the investigation is allow, no other sources allow regardless of weight and depth, factual nature.

    So no there are alot of things wrong with CPS as a whole. The system is set up to allow foster and promote child abuse, even though that may not be the intentions thats the outcome.

    So yes we need new, CPS workers but we also need new laws, new training, and stricter physiological profiles, and keep children safe from abuse.

  • OUCH! WHAT ON EARTH IS YOUR REAL AGENDA?? Guess I should ask "what is American Enterprise Institute". Right wing think tank. Bizarre proposal to be coming from a think tank either right or left.

    CPS is a massive criminal child trafficking syndicate. Anyone who researches CPS comes to that conclusion. Nobody who researches CPS ever comes to any other conclusion. CPS never makes any attempt to refute that characterization. And, CPS follows no law, not even the Family Code. Not a secret on that, they often proudly assert that the law doesn't apply to them.

  • Yes, go ahead and start categorizing yourself as "first-responders": Then, you can't claim to be "service providers" anymore and not subject to the the Fourth Amendment, which protects families from “unreasonable searches and seizures.”

  • c.p.s. is a enumerated sin,
    a high-tailed county racketeering operation run from county to county.
    it's very awfull.
    I am a victim of its operations.
    my newborn baby fell into there dirty hands 8 hours after his birth.
    I pray for him everyday

  • They need people logic & reasoning and critical thinking skills. They need decision making skills. I asked the CPS, supposedly, lady what were my rights? She told me you haven't lost your rights. I told her I am just lost I do not understand anything that is going. So, you are telling me anyone can call and just report crap just because? She Tried to intimidate me. She is in a hurry to get me to sign documents. She keeps telling me that I have to come up with a plan. A plan for what? I believe you and your daughter needs counseling. We have counselors who can come out to your house. Yeah, so we can keep someone employed who may need to seek help. It is unbelievable how clueless they are about their own jobs. They lie. This is why children who are really being abused are neglected by CPS so called inspectors. From what I have witnessed they lack good judgement. Government have to be just giving these jobs away to anyone. Investigators? How could they be first responders when they lack training. What is this world coming to?

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