As Streams Of Streaming Services Debut, Which Should You Choose? | TODAY

As Streams Of Streaming Services Debut, Which Should You Choose? | TODAY

47 thoughts on “As Streams Of Streaming Services Debut, Which Should You Choose? | TODAY

  • Lol 😂 I'm perfectly fine with Netflix and maybe a HBOMax when it comes out live cable TV can go fk it rself

  • Easy answer, none of the above. Turn your TV off, do your intelligence a favor and quit voluntarily being programmed.

  • None of the above.
    Thats what i choose.
    They are all crap full of ads. Just like PubeTube.
    Unless you want to pay to not have ads. Then, they begin adding ads a year after you pay, then tell you, you can lay more to not have ads. Again. Scam. Scam. Scam.

  • Umm, you shouldn't get any of them. It's super easy to find these movies pirated. Some times you can find them pirated before release somehow.

  • My direcTv was 127.00 per month now I got hulu live tv for the last 3 months for 44.99 per month that is saving lots of money not a draw. PS. same amount of channels and better service.

  • Everyone whos a cheap n very tech savy pays zero dollars hahaha thats a great deal right there all u need is internet service provider tho

  • Impeachment is just political theatre to keep the msm busy with smear info in an effort to keep the FISA abuse, IG report, Declas and Barr/Durham Investigation distraction. There will never be an impeachment. Nothing will happen just like Mueller. Impeachment = Mueller Light.

  • In-house exclusives & timed exclusives should've been the only major distinctions between streaming services, unless there are other perks like what Amazon can offer. It was that which made streaming so enticing, at least for me. The lower cost was merely the cherry on top.

    Sadly, it seems cutting the cord is getting increasingly messy. It's almost as if the curse of satellite/cable had to rear its ugly head in the stream too. Even networks & studios are dividing the stream.

    The fewer hassles, the better. If I miss out, I miss out; I can't watch everything anyway. But we already ditched the divided & increasingly expensive model once. Is it getting that time again?

  • Since living in a fringe area, having our local stations was a major consideration in picking a service. Our choice was YouTube TV. Internet cost is more like a utility company will all need.

  • I literally miss the days when you could find most HBO/showtime and Disney movies/series on Netflix. I hate that these greedy corporations have to split everything up so you have to buy like 2-4 services at a time

  • NBC is owned by COMCAST cable provider, feels the need to lie in the comparison.😢
    ~How many people pay > $100 for cable & don't have Internet?
    The $60 should not be counted in this comparison.

  • They all serve the "prince of the power of the air = lucifer Luke 4:5,6, his influence in society is lion-like – 1Peter 5:8. Or like a phoney angel/messenger of light/truth. Using his slaves, who gave into his offer of the kingdoms of this type of World – James 5:1 the *condemned "rich" – lie, deceive, murder – John 8:44 in order to dominate nations of people like a bad harlot sitting on – dominating over all the nations – Rev. 17:5*,15 Babylon the Mother religious system. Rev. 18:1-3 this global Babylon Rome system has used all this "media" assistant, to intoxicate the masses, using all kind of distractions so one misses the trick of the 'Magician'

  • 2Corinthians 11:13-15* he acts as an angel of light; his slaves are like lucifer and his servants want to continue to distract and miss inform us.

  • This is either sloppy reporting or a COMCAST fake news piece pushing the COMCAST "let us keep ripping you off position". Failing to tell us you are owned by a cable company and failure to tell us that most people who have cable tv also pay for many of these streaming services in addition to their current cable package is a breach of public trust and makes this simply a cable TV ad. The real comparison is the price of cable tv package that includes internet plus the TV, plus whatever streaming services you are using plus all the fees the cable company charges for converter boxes, remotes, multiple outlets, VCR fees, sports fees, local tv fees, etc Versus just internet and streaming packages.

  • Or you could buy a decent outdoor antenna set up and get a Roku and watch free unlimited tv for the rest of your life.

  • Cable companies are going to die! I rather get all of these streaming services together and the bill will be far less than your basic cable monthly bill

  • Peacock is a terrible name by the way! Also Hulu with adds witch I don't mind is $7 and aforable. And as far as Amazon prime it's the same as Netflix in cost but you get free two day shipping and free grocery delivery threw their new service in grocery

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