Amazon Marketplace – Day One: Stories of Entrepreneurship | Kirt Moritz, Nayked Apparel

Amazon Marketplace – Day One: Stories of Entrepreneurship | Kirt Moritz, Nayked Apparel

When I was
growing up, my father was an attorney. And I would come home from school, approximately two p.m. in the afternoon, and he’d be in the swimming pool. I said, “Dad, why are you
swimming in the swimming pool?” He says, “I’m self-employed. “I can do what I want to do, “and it’s so much fun!” I started in banking and
finance in the corporate world. I said, this is not gonna work. A friend from college called me and said, “Hey, we’re starting a
new ecommerce company. “Would you like to join us?” I learned what Beer Fridays were. (glasses clink together) But we also learned what burn rate was. Burn rate meaning, one
million dollars per month going down the drain. After that, I tried to
go back into banking. That lasted six months. Another entrepreneur needed
help with sales and marketing. We tried out the part-time
thing for a few months but after that, we
decided to work together. My name is Kirt Moritz. I’m President and Co-Founder of Nayked Apparel. We started on Amazon in 2004. Three years ago we decided just to start focusing on apparel. We do not like alligators. We do not like horses. We do not like things on our items. So we focused on the word naked. Naked, meaning it’s not about
the garment you’re wearing but it’s really about you. I’m an adjunct professor. Kids come to my office
all the time asking, “Hey, I have this idea. “I have this vision, I have this product.” And I look them straight
in the eyes, and I say, “How many have you sold?” Taking that first step to just do it is the hardest step. But after that, you’ll never regret it. (gentle music)

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