After 10 years as a sex worker, Iman’s dream is to become a social worker | One Leg In, One Leg Out

After 10 years as a sex worker, Iman’s dream is to become a social worker  | One Leg In, One Leg Out

(laughing) Gimme five. Gimme five.
Gimme five. No, the right hand.
Right hand, bitch.♪ Can y’all really see it
from with me? ♪
♪ Y’all ain’t up
within my city ♪
♪ Your screwface
ain’t screw enough ♪
♪ You would never make it here
believe me ♪
♪ Up in the north
we don’t fuck around ♪
♪ When it comes to our own,
we are not friendly ♪
♪ Levels, we
Kipling to Kennedy ♪
♪ Hit ’em with recipes
hotter than devil’s feet ♪
♪ Show ’em no empathy ♪(phone ringing) (in feminine voice) (in masculine voice) Man on phone:
All right. Hey, Foxy.♪ Ready, let it go, breathe ♪♪ Stretching, let it go,
breathe ♪
♪ Stretching,
let it go, breathe ♪
♪ Stretching, let it go ♪(laughing) Come on, bitches. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Hi. Good, darling. I’m just dressed
for the occasion. How you doin’? Yes, this is one of my hoes. Yes, I have. (laughing) Hello. I love you, (Unclear).
You come through a lot, huh? Come on! (man laughing) Exactly.♪ Breathe, stretching,
let it go, breathe ♪
(phone ringing) Hello? Hello. Man:
Hey, sweetie. How’s it goin’?
Can you hear me?Uh, what’s The Garage?Oh, okay.Yeah, it’s a bar, restaurant. Pop, pop, pop. Pop-pop! (chuckling) Peep, pop, pop–♪ I’m afraid if I don’t
shape up, shape up ♪
♪ One of these days
I won’t wake up ♪
♪ From this nightmare ♪♪ I swear, if there wasn’t
a generation after me ♪
♪ I would break from this
chokehold that life has on me ♪
♪ (Unclear) is the only cloak
that looks fab on me ♪
♪ Covers me
from the head down ♪
♪ If I don’t shake this shit,
I just might drown
There’s a gym. (both laughing) Patti, this is Iman. This is Iman.
Iman, this is Patti. Pleasure to meet you. Patti’s another teacher
in our program. Iman came to talk to us today about the possibility
of coming into the program. Mm-hm, yeah. I’m gonna show you where
you can go for a cigarette. Do you smoke? You gonna follow me?
Stay here. I’ll go talk to him
if he has a lighter. (phone buzzing) (club beats playing)♪ Do you like it?
It’s all been tight fit ♪
♪ When I drop it on the floor
these boys be fightin’ ♪
♪ Do you like it?
It’s so enticing ♪
♪ When I drop it on the floor
these boys be fighting ♪
♪ Fighting ♪♪ We are the bad girls, yeah
you know it, fuck the world ♪
♪ It’s (Unclear), so amazing,
(Unclear) ♪
♪ We are the bad girls, yeah
you know it from the world ♪
♪ We run the world ♪(people laughing) Bravo. Iman:
She’s just a bitch
that (Unclear)– (laughing) (phone ringing) (feminine voice) (elevator beeping)♪ I’m-a be all right ♪♪ A couple bad days
doesn’t mean a bad night ♪
♪ A couple lost battles
doesn’t mean I can’t fight ♪
♪ I’m-a be all right,
I’m-a be all right ♪
♪ I’m-a be all right,
I’m-a be all right ♪
♪ A couple bad days
doesn’t mean a bad night ♪
(phone ringing) Hey, what’s up? Who’s this?♪ Feelin’ better than some head
on a Sunday afternoon ♪
♪ Better than a chick
with good hair and tits ♪
♪ She looked at me and asked
if I could handle this ♪
♪ I ain’t even feel gassed,
I’m glad that she asked ♪
♪ When you try to see through
me I’m a one-way glass ♪
♪ But my soul out bare
like the Kanye mass ♪
♪ So I can’t take calls
from ’em ♪
♪ ‘Cause I can’t save
all of ’em ♪
♪ I’ve been not in my mind ♪

46 thoughts on “After 10 years as a sex worker, Iman’s dream is to become a social worker | One Leg In, One Leg Out

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  • you need a friend , i am here….i am. born female. and still female. im married and happy……but, i lived. that life. i know….email me…..i believe i can help

  • It takes a lot of courage to leave a lifestyle, even one like hooking. I hope Iman does well. I know she can do it. I've heard that some prostitutes and strippers wear skimpy clothes on their off time bc they are simply used to even less clothing, so they feel covered up in something skimpy like tights and a mesh top. With time, I think she'll find her own real style.

  • ☮️🌷👍

  • the unique perspectives is that this group of people wants other people to adopt to them. ordinary people go through this as well, 23 yrs ago i worked with children 6-9 it was both the best days and the worst time of my life. apart from some children being bullied girls told me that older girls had told them if male teachers would be annoying they should tell other female workers that the guy did this and that. this is nothing i want to accept. i become a walking victim just because i'm a male. so sad because at school i would become the spare dad to a girl or a boy that never had a dad at all. it is also a low paid work and you get sick a lot, talking weeks here. they never wash hands properly and their small fingers go everywhere.

  • I actually thought it wad a video of a woman that was trying to change her life,if someone is changing for the better,hopefully they don't get a lot of negativity along the way,have a nice day

  • Reppin the Six! Go girl, hope you get it. We need to wake up this movement- SW rights for EVERYONE. Love is love- even if you choose to pay for it!! No harm done. Everything else moving forward, why can't we. <3

  • SW rights is human rights. I have a tough time even getting a job at a bar with a large gap in my resume from dancing. Technically even after running my own business, if I want to switch, it's tough due to societies views on entertainers.

  • That rap music is annoying all weneed is to watch you that dumb rap music is annoying but we want more of you it's interesting your video is great I love your accent that dumb music is giving me a headach but I love you

  • Dude has multiple personalities😆🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 he can change his voice on the fly!! Chain smoking behind😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • They have such beautiful personalities 💕. I just cant believe a parent who is suppose to love you no matter what can disown you and tell you you're an embarrassment to the family, and kick you out.

  • In Indonesian language "iman" means faith. You gotta have faith, and Iman is a true example of having faith even when everything in this world told you the opposite. Iman lives up to her name. Bless you Iman

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