6 Things NOT to say in a Job Interview! | Learn English | Go Natural English

6 Things NOT to say in a Job Interview! | Learn English | Go Natural English

26 thoughts on “6 Things NOT to say in a Job Interview! | Learn English | Go Natural English

  • I don't want to live in English speaking country,don't like american culture.
    They have natural selection like
    in animals world.
    If something bad happens to you
    they gonna throw you away.
    All these interviews and resumes
    are absolutely bulshit,it is money
    making industry.
    But anyway thanks for your effort.
    Appreciate it.

  • Hello everyone,
    I'm glad to announce all of you who are interested in learning/speaking ( conversation focus)that I'm ready to make a group on Skype for it! We will try to open this session as soon as possible. For more details contact me on Skype
    By the way: it's free! No costs, nothing! Only for serious people who don't have partners in English speaking! Let's do that! I'm looking forward to meet you! I'm a learner too and I need to get fluency in English. Could some one of you to help me ? Kind regards!

  • Hi gabby
    I understand about more than 80% of your speak, So what is your opinion with my level?
    For Information, I’m learning an English language from 5 months.
    I Following you from Iraq.

  • hello my name is laurence im good at finishing things efficiently. im not saying this just to get the job but to answer the question where i eexcel at. i dont sleep if i stil have thing to finish, specially if it really is important to me. yes, i get rest but intellectually i still find ways to finish my work. another thing im good at is im goot at understanding people, the reason behind their actions, i find it amusing everytime i lok for reasons why they do that after i said that, what will they say if i say this to them, andd i find goodd respond to that, i a hope that they will not make it personal or things that might give them or boost their self confidence. im good at that xD

  • In case of your interview about Sales, you should ask promotions or benefits every interview.. because sales man should interest and learn to how much benefits or promo will be coming after sales.

  • For give an answer about my qualities :
    Im a hard worker
    Im reliable
    Im an honest person
    I like to learn anything to be useful for me and the lifd in general

  • Hey ,Gabby I am good at to make people understand very well in english. To whom I make understand they give really positive feedback

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