10 In-Demand Jobs I Would Get If I Were Starting Over

10 In-Demand Jobs I Would Get If I Were Starting Over

all right today I want to talk about ten
jobs or entrepreneurial ventures that I would start if I were starting over now
and these are jobs that are going to be in demand for at least the foreseeable
future they’re not in dying industries and they require some level of education
or skill in order to differentiate yourself from the crowd and for each of
these I’ll be linking down in the description below to different trainings
that you can take different online courses and things that can help you get
the skills you need to do these and if you don’t have any money to invest
definitely just do some googling look around YouTube you can learn a lot for
free courses tend to be more efficient and will get you the skill set you need
a little bit faster but if you don’t have the money to spend just do whatever
research you can just to start making some progress and to be clear each one
of these is very specific so you aren’t going to find five of them that are a
perfect fit for you hopefully you’ll find one that might be interesting but
you don’t need a whole bunch of ideas you just need one and even if you find
that none of them are your cup of tea that’s okay just keep looking until you
find that thing that is a good fit for you now like I said before many of these
are going to require some amount of education but most of them if not all of
them are not going to require a four-year degree and so what’s good
about that is the type of education they might be taking is an online course or
something that can give you a head start so what this means is that even within
six months you might actually be able to make some really good money in this
chosen career path that you might be going down and just in case you’re
wondering how I know that these jobs are in demand most of them honestly are
because myself and my entrepreneur friends are asking around for these jobs
all the time and this first one on the list is a perfect example of that it’s a
Facebook Ads manager and I can’t even tell you how many times an entrepreneur
friend of mine has asked me or I’ve heard them asking someone else hey do
you know a good Facebook Ads guy I really need someone to help me with
Facebook Ads do you know anybody and so this is huge if you can learn how to run
successful ad campaigns for businesses and this might sound scary or
intimidating but it really isn’t this isn’t rocket science and if you can
learn how to do this for businesses like your set because the truth of the matter
is is that most of the people that have hired over the years as an entrepreneur
have been people who were referred to me by someone else and so if you can do a
really good job for this person over here it’s gonna be really easy to find
business their network and then the network
beyond that and I just don’t anticipate you having much trouble finding business
in a job like this so as a business owner let me put it to you this way if I
can hire someone who can earn me a dollar for every 50 cents that I spend
on an ad because they’re managing my ad campaign well how much money do you
think I’d be willing to spend on that and why would I ever let that person go
and so anytime you can help a business owner earn a little bit more money
without taking up any more of their time you were onto something really good now
there’s a really good online training for this I’ll have linked up down in the
description below that teaches you everything you need to know about
running a successful campaign really everything you need to know about
Facebook Ads in general and then also how to find clients and so if this is
something interest you definitely check that out and next on the list is
videography and just last week I had a friend reach out to me and she was
getting a quote for a one-minute long video that she needed to shoot and she
reached out to a videographer to ask how much it would cost and the bid came back
from three to five thousand dollars to shoot a one-minute video now there’s a
lot of work involved in video I’m shooting it right now these two cameras
on my own videographer here and I know that it’s a lot of work and I know that
there is education required to do it right but when you can command prices
like that you are an in-demand niche and that is a good place to be and you
probably know this as well as I do video content is not going anywhere it’s just
going to be increasing and more and more in demand in the years to come and so if
this is something that excites you or something that you already enjoy doing
this is definitely something to consider alright next on the list is affiliate
marketing and to be honest this is one of the primary ways that my business
makes money and essentially the gist of it is is that many companies and really
tons and tons of companies out there almost every company will pay you some
sort of finder’s fee to refer a new client to them and so amazon.com has
probably the largest affiliate program and the gist of it is they give you a
special link and so if somebody clicks on that special link to go buy whatever
product you’re recommending or pointing them to then you will get a percentage
of that sale now we’ve all seen people on social media or blogs where they’re
talking about something hyping it up that they actually don’t believe in or
that is actually a piece of junk and those people just don’t last trust with
your audience as a most valuable asset you
have and so if you lose that you were really in trouble in this day and age as
affiliate marketer and I found the easiest way to do this is to just
legitimately write and talk about things that you use yourself and then you
actually enjoy and that you actually would recommend rather than the ones
that are paying the highest amount at any given day and when you do this and
people take your recommendations and like wow that thing was actually really
good you recommended something really good and that happens over and over
again that trust cycle builds and so people trust your recommendations even
more and then additionally beyond that like you just have to be honest and you
just have to talk about the good and the bad with whatever the particular product
is and again shoppers today are smart you know what we’re all smart we’ve all
seen what the businesses do like we don’t buy into what businesses did how
they advertise 20 30 years ago you know especially like 50 years ago where
they’re just creme and things down your throat like we’re smart shoppers we
check reviews like we look for good stuff and so when we see somebody who
can honestly point out the flaws while pointing out the good at the same time
it makes us a lot more comfortable buying whatever they’re recommending and
so that’s why I love writing reviews about products and talking about the
good but also talking about the bad the things I don’t love in that combination
of having both the good and the bad mix together actually improves things so
even though most affiliates are like I’m only going to talk about the good I’m
not gonna talk about the bad like the real way to gain trust with your
followers is to share the honest truth which is the good and the bad and so the
key to long-term success here is to just be honest about what your recommended
and only recommend things you actually use or that you would use or that you
really love and if you do that you’ll build trust with your audience you can
make a good living as an affiliate marketer now there’s tons of details of
the practical steps of how to do this where to get signed up and you know when
where to promote and all that stuff and I’m not gonna get into it in this video
but there is a course I will point you to and I’ll have that linked up down in
the description below that I’ve been through myself and this this is exactly
what I’m talking about here I’m gonna affiliate for this course I’ve been
through it I looked it over I really liked it
so if you’re interested you can check that out and thank you in advance if you
do decide to use our affiliate link to get there because you’re supporting our
channel and we appreciate that of course alright next on the list is a web
designer or graphic designer and this again falls into category
if I had a dollar for every time somebody asked me hey do you know a good
web designer or good graphic designer and I hear this over and over again I’ve
gone through a whole bunch myself trying to find one that is just a good fit and
the top designers the ones who are really good actually make a lot of money
and what’s exciting to me about this is it used to be that like being an artist
was a really difficult way to make money but now using your artistic skill in
this medium is a way to actually have a really great and lucrative career now
sure you don’t have a hundred percent creative control over everything you’re
doing is now you’re creating your own artwork for your own collection or
something like that but when the demand is so high and you have the skills to do
it it’s definitely something to consider all right next on list would be what I
call a Pinterest specialist and I know probably a dozen other bloggers
influencers youtubers who have a Pinterest specialist on their payroll
and basically the job description at least for me is help me get traffic to
my site from Pinterest yeah this probably looks different for each one
but in my case what I’m looking for is someone who can create images and who
can pin them over to Pinterest and spend some time on they’re finding good
quality content pinned to some of our boards and really just following our
overall strategy to help us get more traffic from Pinterest and just about
two months ago I actually bought a course on Pinterest and how to maximize
the amount of traffic you’re getting and I had my specialist to go through it and
we are now implementing all the things we learned there so I’ll have that
course linked up down below as well so this video is getting a little bit
longer than I’d like so I’m gonna go ahead and break it up into a two part
series here and then link to the part two version right over here and you can
go ahead and tap that like button while you’re on your way and I will see you in
the next video

25 thoughts on “10 In-Demand Jobs I Would Get If I Were Starting Over

  • While I have no beef with college whatsoever (I went to college and definitely wouldn’t be where I’m at right now without it, I personally believe that mindlessly going to college is not the right move.

    For far too long, people encourage their kids to just go to college as the next step, immediately after high school. Take some time off, figure out what you want to do, and THEN (and only then) if college will help you get there, then go.

    I’ve learned more from YouTube than I ever have from college.

  • I like how your shirt keeps magically changing from printed to blank. I’m guessing this isn’t one of the skills you will mention in the next video. Either way, this is great information. Thank you.

  • I tried clicking that "link" to the second part of the video but it's not letting me it's not even there how do I get to it? I tried on my smart TV and my phone same issue

    ★ 1:32 Facebook Ads Manager Training: https://sdti.me/fb-ads-training
    ★ 3:42 Affiliate Marketing training: https://sdti.me/affiliate-marketing-t...
    ★ 7:19 Pinterest training: https://sdti.me/pinterest-training

  • Just drive a truck.
    Training is free, you make money right away and in 5 to 6 years you can get a quarter million banked.
    Once you got a class A licence and experience, you can always get a good paying job whenever you need, anywhere in the country.

  • Love these alternative jobs, I find myself not settling well in 9-5 jobs and love doing my art! I hate committing to jobs my heart isn’t into just for a paycheck. Keep these coming!

  • Wow ! Just goes to show you how much junk we consume. That there are niche jobs you can provide to get the masses to consume more Junk..! Hilarious…

  • Freelance web development, anything to do with programming and IT related skills, it's possible to self learn them with the power of the internet but it's not easy, however it's rewarding and makes a lot of money

  • Darn it… still waiting for that "in-demand" job that will make use of my sociology, philosophy, and art history degrees.

  • What about if you’re a teenager, how do you start a business? And how can you gain trust despite your age?

  • I know a job that's in demand…someone take out that socialist communist AOC…America would love you for it

  • School registration starts in 2 days for my Second Semester of college but I'm looking of stepping out and trying something else.

  • Keep promoting desk jokey jobs,please,it has tripeld my wages out where people actually produce something

  • The idea that you can’t make a good living without a degree is a lie. I was homeschooled, I got a ged. I applied to a university to major in mechanical engineering. After taking the placement test, the counselor said I wasn’t aiming high enough and that I qualified for a full scholarship. I decided to turn it down and start my own business. I now have a personal income of 90k a year. No formal education of any kind.

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